Regatta: Chocolate and Green Apple Lip Balm

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection: Chocolate and Green Apple Flavors

Weight: 6g

Flavor: Chocolate and Green Apple

> With sunscreen protection
> Moisturizes
> Flavored
> Affordable

Cons: None noted

In the heat of the summer, most people neglect their lips. Summer heat causes dehydration resulting to chapped lips. Healing chapped lips takes time, so if you want to be summer-kiss-ready-lips, make sure your lips are soft, smooth and kissable by taking care of it. What a great way of taking care of it by moisturizing and protecting it from sun exposure too to keep your lip color pink. You may not appreciate it this time but when you get older, you'll love that you had taken care of your skin and lips.

Some may not know but sun also damages the skin in our lips. Try to use products on your lips with SPF too specially this summer.


Buy again? 100%

Price: 85php

Where to buy? Trinoma, SM The Block but there are a lot of branches that may be near to your place. Check their Facebook page.

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