I Want To Be A Part Of Sample Room's Blogger Circle

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Want To Be A Part Of Sample Room's Blogger Circle

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"Try Before You Buy" - a line that is known to every pro or amateur bloggers. I learned it from Sample Room, a website that offers product sampling. Basically, their mission is to help people by aiding in finding the beauty product that best suits a person without spending too much. Not only they offer sample items - reviews from different users for opinions and ratings are also posted. Usually, people are afraid to buy items because of the fear of not liking the product and Sample Room's vision to reach out to people by partnering with brands makes it possible through product sampling. And this is a place I want to be a part of.

I am an impelling beauty addict who always wanted to try different products in search of what best one to suit me. To find the holy grail of all cosmetics. Shifting from brands to brands and one type from another, I am a force to be reckoned with in anything related to beauty. No matter how broke I can become from the little salary I have, I want to try several items whenever I can. I wanted to explore and share what I tried, specially the good ones.

For the years that I had been trying out multiple brands and items, my sister who is a blogger, QueenBee-atch’s Realm, encouraged me to outlet my passion through blogging. And to practice my writing skills. At first I wasn't active because I am a Nursing student lacking budget and time.

My blogsite, All About Beauty101, is initially meant to just share my opinion on each product I tried. That is why I named it like a subject in college. It is focused on reviewing items that I liked and don't. But when I started working as a nurse in a tertiary hospital, meeting new friends and co-workers who is not as passionate and exploratory like me when it comes to make-ups and skin care, I felt the urge to share the tips, brands and recommendations of which products to use. I want to help my co-nurses and doctors on what products that will fit our dynamic, taxing, and shifting schedule. I am able to influence others in a good way. I am so happy to see them bloom, from no make-up girls to lipstick collector, sunscreen users and so much more. Making our work a little more fun.

They are happy with my little thoughts and shares of experiences. This changed my view and it made me realize I wanted to do more than reviewing products. It became an inspiration. I even want to do more blogging than my job as a nurse. I want to come out of my shell and meet others who are as passionate as I am, learn from them and share what I learned in return. Salary earnings from my work helped me with this new drive, I started being active and I continuously try to improve my blog site and writing. I started attending events and workshops from which I gained new friends. I also started signing up on beauty boxes and the most important of it all, by joining Sample Room. 

Through Sample Room, I am able to try many items that my wallet won’t protest. And all of the items I got, I reviewed each one of it on my blog and share it on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for my friends and family.

Now, a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself to me, by Sample Room’s opening for a part on their Blogger Circle members. I maybe an amateur in writing and blogging but I want to be a part of it. To be able to apply my scientific experience on which products are safe and healthy to use. To be part of something great, a group I can relate to and understands the passion I have. To meet others who can give me more inspiration. The privilege of being the first to try items. The chance to improve and grow and for once, to be able to share and be heard by people I personally not know. So yes, I definitely want to be a part of Sample Room’s Blogger Circle. Thank you Sample Room for giving us bloggers this opportunity.

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