Shiseido: Lip Lacquer Power Workshop

Monday, March 3, 2014

Shiseido: Lip Lacquer Power Workshop
Where: Trinoma
When: Feb. 23, 2014
Time: 3pm

Upon arrival, Shiseido's staff are already prepared for the event just like the one I attended before. They always put an extra effort on the event and is very happy to accommodate attendees. I love attending Shiseido's workshops because I always learn a lot and they really offer the workshops for free. So follow their Facebook account to see future workshops. And with this blog, I will share what I learned from Shiseido.

The focus of the day's workshop is how to choose the lip lacquer that best suits you. 

My good friend, Jing Baloy of, volunteered to be the model of the event.

The event was hosted by Ms. Jessica of Shiseido. (Left side of picture)

Skin care is very important to Shiseido, so they started the routine with cleansing of the skin. Remember, with Shiseido's products, the skin care can be used as a daytime and nighttime routine.

They used the Brightening Lucent foam with the use of cleansing sheet. This foam already targets deep cleansing, so you do not have to use a toner after. Which is really helpful in keeping the skin healthy. At home, you can wash the foam off your face instead of using cleansing sheets.

Right dosage of cleansing foam can be seen at the image above. And the 50cent coin-size amount should be lather up on your hands or in a bowl. With the lathered foam, gently massage it all over your face. 

After cleansing, the Softener is used to help skin open pores for deep penetration of serum or moisturizer. The advantage of using softener besides opening of pores is to balance oil and moisture.  Use cotton pads with the softener to remove dead skin cells. The use of softener requires a 5 coin-size usage amount. 

Shiseido uses softener instead of toner on their skin care line.

After softening the skin, White Lucent Brightening Serum is applied. The brightening serum targets 5 layers of skin: the skin surface, subcutaneuos, dermis, epidermis and stratum corneum. Their newest brightening serum contains resberatol that strengthens skin cells, prevents formation of melanin and works on circulation of blood to brighten and lessen risk of skin cancer. The resberatol came from grapes that is why they have a plate of grapes on the uppermost picture above to promote their newest brightening serum.

The serum is best applied while the face is still wet from the softener. Usage amount is 2 pumps of serum for whole face.

After applying the serum, moisturizer is now applied. Moisturizers can be used as a day time or night time routine. Or both for greater effect on skin. Usage amounts depends on the type of moisturizer to be used. For the emulsion type, 1 peso coin-size is needed. While for the cream type requires pearl-size amount of moisturizer.Then apply it evenly on your face.

Now, skin care is done and the application of make-up is now discussed by Miss Jessica. (I wasn't able to get her surname, sorry). She started by applying a refining make-up base. This is to adhere the foundation to your face, not only that, it makes your skin smooth and gives you a more flawless look. Applying base is done by putting scattered 5 dots on your face, particularly on the large skin care part of your face. Light amount is enough to suffice all over your face. 

Shiseido always uses their unique foundation brush, it is like a stippling brush but slanted. Always use a brush in applying liquid foundation. Start under the eyes and blend. Always blend. And the strokes should be from the center of the face outward. As a tip from Miss Jessica, if you are using a liquid foundation, apply it first before concealer. But if you are using a powdered form of foundation, apply a concealer first before the powder foundation. 

After the foundation and concealer. The contouring, blushing and highlighting is done. First, you should be aware of your face shape in order to know the correct way of contouring and applying blush. You have to hold on the brush's bristles for more control when applying a contour. Contour should be applied under the blush and the highlighter above the blush, just under the eyes.

For the highlight of the workshop, Lip Lacquer Power. 

The texture of the lip lacquer should always be considered. Check if it has a moisturizing ingredient to not only beautify your lips but to also hydrate it. With Shiseido's lip lacquers, they have a moisturizing ingredient included. First apply a lip liner then fill it with your lip lacquer. To avoid bleeding of your lacquer. This can also be applied on any lipstick. 

In applying a lip liner, there are 7 steps to do it the right way. It is like connecting the dots. Apply it on Cupid's bow, Sides of cupid's bow, middle part of lower lip, sides of lips. Then connect it all. Then use the side of the pencil to fill your lips if you want to make your lacquer or lipstick last longer.

So, how about choosing the right shade for you? There is none for Dick Page, the make-up artist of Shiseido, as long as you can carry and handle the shade, you can wear any color you want and rock it! :)

As usual, snacks are offered on the event. The juice is a grape flavor fitted on their new brightening serum ingredient. 

On the event, they offered promos exclusive to the day of the workshop only. They offered buy 2 lip lacquers and get one free. As well as having a huge discount on their skin care. Plus if you purchase at least 7k, you will receive a cosmetic bag and free travel size skin care products. One more reason to attend events by Shiseido because they are very generous with promos and discounts.

I am so happy with what I learned from the event, and not only that, I was able to bond with my friend Jing and surprisingly see an old time friend, Ericka Roxas-Gatmaitan (Freelance make-up artist) on this workshop.

With my friend, Ericka.

Over all, I am very satisfied and happy. Looking forward for more workshops by Shiseido.

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