ETUDE House Nymph Aura Volumer: Primer and Baby Glow Mist

Monday, January 13, 2014

ETUDE House Nymph Aura Volumer

Brand: Etude House

Weight: .88oz

Formulation: Bottle

Nature: Primer


Coverage: None. But it gives the natural dewy look.

Usage amount: 1-2 squeeze for the whole face

Texture: Sticky

> Gives natural dewy look
> Satisfied my expectation of glowing skin 
> Easily absorbed by skin

> Sticky
> Hard to spread evenly

Apply the liquid foundation or bb cream first before mixing the volumer. So that the volumer will be mixed on your foundation or bb cream before it becomes absorbed by skin. Blend well the mixture before applying on your face.

Number 1 is the most natural looking dewy look of all volumer. There are 4 shades of Volumer by Etude, find the most pleasant looking for you. The stores offers samples. Try it on yourself first.


Buy again? 100% (This is now a must have on my make-up nook. I always wanted to buy this but never did, its a good thing that my boyfriend saw this on my bucket list of make-ups and surprised me with one as New Year gift. Its really a good thing that he got me the right shade too! Me = happy!)

Price: 798php

Where to buy? Etude House SM North The Block

Etude Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Mist

Brand: Etude House

Weight: 80ml

Formulation: Bottle

Nature: Mist


Usage amount: 3-4 squeezes for the whole face

> Gives glowing look
> Satisfied my expectation of glowing skin 
> Easily absorbed by skin
> Refreshing

> Can sometimes cause oiliness

> Better use it with make-up on than without. I tried using it without make-up but that is how I experienced the side effect of oiliness.

Buy again? 100% (I got this as a Christmas gift from my older sister. It is now a replacement for Evian on my purse. I feel so lucky to have these items as a gift, it made me think that I now have a new request for exchange gifts on Christmas, can't wait for the next one!)

Price: 578php

Where to buy? Etude House SM North The Block

*This was given to me as a gift*

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