Barry M: LP 54

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Brand: Barry M

Weight: Approximately 3-4g (Not indicated on lipstick)

Shade: LP 54

Formulation: Stick


It is peach in nature but looks nude with a bit of orange tint when worn. The color is bold and vibrant. Looks like matte but creamy. It has a smooth texture.  Application of two to three times is needed if you want to make it more opaque. Last to 3-4 hours of wear if no drinking or eating done. Doesn't leave stain and doesn't transfer on cloths.

> Nice shade of color
> Affordable
> Easy to apply

> Very drying
> Settles on lip lines

I suggest you hydrate your lips well in preparation of using this lipstick. Always moisturize before re-application on touching up. I also advice that don't use this everyday in order to prevent drying of lips. 


Buy again? 100% 

Yes, overall I am happy with it, I feel like I am also using a MAC lipstick

Price: Around 500-600 on online shops

Where to buy? Online shops

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