Excited To Use My Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014 Limited Edition

Friday, December 13, 2013

The limited edition has a plain black leather cover. 

I love the first entry of inspirational message on it. As well as the message from the planner's creator:

BDJ Planner since I started using one since 2009, they always put a goals page for the user. In here, you can create a perfect timeline of what you want to commit for the whole year. Its a mission-vision page, personal, financial and health goals as well as career focus.

 And of course, the famous dream board, where you can put the list of your wants and dreams. It really has a big space that you can write a lot. This part is a personal favorite of mine as it constantly reminds me of my dreams.

Another favorite of mine, every year the bucket list of things you should try and enact varies. I may not do a lot of the things suggested but I always try at least one that is very hard to accomplish for me, just to make a difference in my year. I can't wait to start checking on this for the year 2014. If I see a lot of checks on the page, I feel like I already accomplish a lot and it gives me a positive outlook in life. So I suggest to readers that you should try making your own bucket list too.

The planner includes event tracker for the whole year besides the daily, weekly and monthly tracker.

It offers space where you can doodle for your random thoughts.

And of course, it will remind you of your health plan. The Belle De Jour Planner is specially designed for females. Laboratories and procedures needed to be checked annually and also the vaccines you should have. It also includes the menstruation tracker.

Overall, it comes in a cute and colorful planner. It may be a little bulky since it contains a lot of things. But all you needed is already here. Bills tracker, inspirational stories and the best of it are the coupons included inside the planner. And for the first time, it also has stickers now that you can use on your planner. 

I usually ask this planner for exchange gifts yearly but I made a skip this year since I wanted to buy the limited edition on the event BDJ Make It Happen that I attended.

I am very happy and excited to use this planner. I can't wait to start my 2014 together with my new planner. 

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