My First Sample Room Package: Celeteque Hydration Make-Up Remover and Carb Trim Lemon

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I got this today. My first experience of Sample Room products. I learned about this through a referral from my friend, Jing Baloy of I signed up, tried it and here it is! I am so happy! By registering, you will earn 100 points which you will need to shop on their available samples. Upon receiving your items, you have to give a review about it in order to earn back your points. It's a cycle until you earn more points. :)

They shipped my items via Xend. You just have to pay for the shipping fee worth 100php for Metro Manila. You can pay via over the counter on BDO or BPI or via Credit card.

The items are inside a customized high quality brown bag sealed with their logo.

The items that I availed were the Celeteque wipes and Carb Trim Slimming Iced Tea both on their full size.

I will try these items tonight for the first time and I will later on post a review on both items. :)

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