CarbTrim Lemon Iced Tea Mix

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Item I got on Sample Room

There are two flavors available: Lemon and Apple. Personally, I prefer the Lemon flavor. There are 6 sachets on each box. Each sachet contains the powdered form of the iced tea.

It is a product made by United Laboratories, Inc. which targets the weight management solution by blocking the 66% carbs that you had taken. The Carbtrim blocks the conversion of your enzyme in turning the carbohydrates into sugar. Instead, they convert it into fiber where it will just past your digestive system and comes out as waste.

Convenient to use because you don't need to measure anything! Just use 1 sachet on a glass of water (at least 250ml). It can be taken before or during meals. Amazing right? Because you can use this in replacement of ordinary juice or teas that accompanies your meal. Plus, it is sugar free. Suggestion of use in order to be noticeable is to include it on your every meal (three major meals a day) specially if you are going to eat heavy carbs. 

What makes me uncomfortable in continuously using this product, is the after taste. It really tastes like your usual iced tea but after swallowing, it has always a bitter aftertaste. And the price... if I were to use it on a daily basis and in every meal, it is a bit expensive.

Ingredients: White kidney bean extract

Buy again? 90%

Price: 144php per box

Where to buy? Grocery and drug stores

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