BDJ Fair 2013: Make It Happen

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I arrived before 10AM but the line for the event is already long. So many excited Bellas out there (Like me!). I am really happy to be there but I find it quite disappointing to see that the walk-ins and pre-registered Bellas are given the same privileges. The reason for this is first, some walk-ins are quite irate! Some of the girls are arguing at the registration booth since they followed the wrong line - they need to start to line up on the right line again. I feel bad for the three girls assigned on the registration area. Second, I noticed that the walk-ins managed to get inside the event sooner than the pre-registered ones because they don't have to find their names on the list like the pre-registered ones. They just have to pay for the VIP and then they're in. Third, the booths are hoarded! I talked to some fellow Bellas who were also pre-registered like me as we are all sitting on the stairs, as we all just waited for the talks. We didn't had the chance to go through most of the booths, and I really mean almost all of it.

I understand that the event is for everyone. But I think the pre-registration for the real loyal "Bellas" beats the purpose of it. I don't know if I am the only one but I am disheartened to see other people going around just looking for freebies. And when you go through the lines for the booths, there are other men and even women who pushes and shoves just because they wanted to be first. I found them quite barbaric that I gave up looking around the booths. I haven't even used all that's included on my VIP pass like the tarot reading, bungee jumping and the wall-climbing, specially the CBTL. I just managed to claim my lootbag together with the prize of me winning a contest on Facebook/Twitter/Blog.

I just compared it to the event last September 29, the Beauty Social Event, as it is more exclusive and the Bellas inside are mostly pre-registered and well behaved. I didn't encounter any problems at all on the last event.

Anyway, back to the event. The event is successful for me, and it keeps on getting better. If I won't mind the discomfort that I experienced. There are many booths and activities available. The activities include bungee jumping, wall climbing, bracelet making and tarot card reading.

The booths that I was able to take a picture:

Ace Water Spa Booth - Like their page and earn a 10% card discount.

 Trilogy Booth

 Pet Express Booth - Buy at least 200php and play a game for freebies. Got myself a collection of pet magazines :)

Derm Clinic - Test your skin and get freebies. Got myself a Gluta soap and shampoo samples

 BDJ website registration - Sign up to their new site and be updated with other Bellas

 Goody Booth - Sign their registration and have a freebie

Canmake Booth - They offer free make-overs

 The Ramp Booth - Guess the prize right of the clothes and bags on their mannequins right and win a prize

DC Booth - Shoot the ball on each shoe and win a prize

 BDJ Power Planner Booth - Buy your new planners with 20% discount (Got myself and my friend the limited edition)

Saforelle and The Cream Factory Booth - Guess the scents right and win a prize. Got myself the new Saforelle feminine wash after guessing 4 scents right!

JCO Booth - A free taste of donuts


Get Fit and be Empowered by Jill Ngo

Jill Ngo's 6 Mantras:

 She made us dance Zumba and Belly Dancing - Had so much fun! Thinking of trying her classes... although I am not as fit as her! LOL...

Her inspirational talk is about how women should love themselves too so you could be on your best! 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with Xeng Zulueta

Ms. Zulueta gave her speech that a Filipino is already unique. We don't have a basic look like Japanese or Koreans do. She said that we should embrace our own features and enhance it.

An Inspiring Journey to the Crown by Venus Raj

Venus Raj graced us by telling her struggles on how she reached her dreams. In her inspirational speech, she advised that if you know what you want, there should be nothing that can stop you and you just have to believe in yourself. Also that family is important supporter for your dreams. Just like what her mother did for her. After her talk, the Derm Clinic's physician taught us on how to take care of our skin.




The event is really successful despite the pool of people and I still enjoyed it SPECIALLY the talks. It was very inspirational and helpful. Thank you so much BDJ Power Planner for making this happen! I am now looking forward to a fresh start on 2014. Let's make all our dreams happen!

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