NovuSkin Lift Supplements: My 2nd Month Journey

Friday, December 29, 2017 Philippines


Hello beauties! I would just like to give you an update about my journey with NovuSkin Lift Supplements. From my 1st month journey, I am happy with the results, most specially since I did not encounter any adverse reaction to my tummy. 

The reason that I continue to take supplements is to help my skin stay healthy and prevent aging as much as I can. With NovuSkin Lift, I can have both the glutathione and collagen! Imagine, taking different supplements in just one pill. Yay!

Just like my first month, I can still feel that I am more energized when I take it compared to when I do not take it. My skin has more glow compared to the first month. My skin is firmer, smoother and brighter. Also, the uneven skin color on my skin is more balanced. 

I noticed that some of my dark and red spots lightened too! You can appreciate it on my before and after photos below. The pores are also noted to be minimized. 

Still, after two months of use, I did not encounter any breakouts nor any adverse effects. Amazing!

Check out my before and after photo of my one month result versus my two months results below: 

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