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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 Philippines


For a busy girl like me, finding long-lasting makeup is not an easy task, especially when it comes to lipstick. Most of the time, we do not have the luxury of retouching our makeup so it is important that we use lipstick that can stay from morning until night. We can now achieve this lasting look with the new stunning collection made proudly by a local brand, Colour Collection. Colour Collection’s new Suede Collection (All Day Wear) has a velvet-like finish and is formulated with Shea Butter and Aloe that gives instant moisture to lips all day.

The Suede Collection features lipsticks that are long-wearing and yet still provides moisture and hydration for the lips. Each lipstick weighs 2.4g and costs 350php. With its formulation of Shea Butter and Aloe, it keeps the lips conditioned all day.


The packaging is made with plastic. I like that I can see the color of the lipstick via its see-through casing. This way, it will be easier to pick out the shade of lipstick I want to wear. The lipstick was placed in a black box complete with its product description and ingredients. However, the cap of its casing can sometimes loosen, so be careful on how you bring it with you specially inside your bag or makeup kit. 

The Suede Collection has 6 shades you can choose from ranging from nudes to reds. The shades are Lovely Daisy, Rich Pecan, Irish Suede, Cosy Currant, Mild Mocha, and Rush Red. 

The lipstick has a light vanilla-like scent that overpowers the usual waxy fragrance of a lipstick. Each lipstick has a velvet-like finish, but when it settles, it looks matte. The colors are highly pigmented so it’s enough to color the lips with just one to two layers of application. 

The formula feels light on lips even with its rich and creamy texture. Thanks to its formulated Shea Butter and Aloe, I can glide it smoothly over my lips without any tugging. It provides an enough amount of hydration to keep the lips conditioned, hydrated, and moisturized even with the long hours of use. Even when it has a matte-like feel after it settled, it did not made my lips dry.

The lipstick does not build up on lip lines nor does it settle on dry patches which is really great. It has a decent lasting coverage of at least 4 to 6 hours without heavy consumption of food. The lipstick can be fully removed after eating, but it leaves a nice and even tint on the lips. 

I tested and did swatches of all 6 lovely shades of the Suede Collection lipsticks. Let me share them with you.


Lovely Daisy is a pink lipstick that can work with any skin tone. It can brighten up your complexion. This lipstick can still be used even if you want to have a dramatic eyes for anytime of the day. 

Rich Pecan is the darkest brownish-red from the collection. It can work on any complexion. The dark brown color with a hint of red brightens up my face. 

Irish Suede is another pink lipstick from the Suede Collection but it has a lighter hue. It is a lipstick that will definitely look great on teenagers because it will make you look sweet and fun. 

Cosy Currant is another reddish brown lipstick. Upon wearing though, I noticed that it also has a hint of orange. Out of all of the six shades, this lipstick builds up a little on lip lines. 

Mild Mocha is a nice nude lipstick. This lipstick is one that you can say, “My lips but better.” It is perfect for work or an everyday look. 

Rush Red is a orange-red kind of lipstick that will suit medium to dark complexions. This lipstick is easy to wear for day and night.

My top picks are Mild Mocha, Rich Pecan, and Rush Red. How about you?

All of the lipsticks by Colour Collection’s Suede Collection are wearable and works on all kinds of Filipina complexions. Choosing a shade that will look nice on you will not be a problem because every color is great. 

I love that the lipstick stays true to its claim that it leaves a nice and even tint that re-touching is not required. This will be best used by people who are always on the go. The lipstick is affordable and proudly made in the Philippines. I will definitely buy again specially my favorite shades! 

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