Cathy Doll: Liquid Lip Matte Collection

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Philippines


I am so glad that Cathy Doll released their newest liquid lip matte collection because this range of liquid lipstick products are really amazing! If you love natural looking shades of lipsticks, well then I am sure you will love this set from Cathy Doll!

There are many liquid lipsticks available in the market, some are affordable and some that are really luxurious. This liquid lip matte collection by Cathy Doll belongs to those affordable liquid lipsticks you could easily get. The big question is, if it is worth it? 

Let me answer it for you!

So far, there are 6 shades available and released by Cathy Doll. From light brown to dark brown and pink shades, you can get it all with Cathy Doll!

At first, I thought that this new set is a lipstick because of its packaging. However, it is really a Liquid Lipsticks inside! I love this unique style of packaging! 

All the shades are easy to apply and settles quickly to lips. Once dried, it instantly looks matte! 

The consistency is creamy that one layer of application is enough to fully coat the lips and for the colors to show. 

The shades are all wearable and looks great when worn! I like to use them when I do not want to re-touch because they are long-lasting. 

Last, this liquid lip matte is affordable for only 399php each!

I want to review this collection separately on my blog because they deserve it! This collection is worth your money! So please stay posted for my reviews!

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