L'Oreal: Infalliable 10H Lipstick in Beyond Blushing (129)

Thursday, May 4, 2017 Philippines


Yay! Another Infalliable Lipstick on my stash! I wish I could collect all the shades soon because I love the lasting power and pigmentation of these Infalliable Lipsticks by L'Oreal Paris so much! I was able to review before my first L'Oreal Lipstick and its Infalliable shade Resilient Raisin

For today though, I will be sharing my thoughts for L'Oreal Infalliable 10H Lipstick in Beyond Blushing. Shall we proceed? ^_^

Brand: L'oreal Paris

Type: Infalliable

Weight: 2.5g

Shade: Beyond Blushing (129)

Product Description: 

Ingredients: (Sorry, I tried so hard to take a good and clear photo but the sticker itself was blurred.)


This line of L'Oreal Lipsticks are like satin. It looks matte but when applied, its glossy. The formula itself is bold and the color is rich that is why I love it. 

The color is light pink but it made my complexion looked brighter. Yay! I love using this, its perfect for everyday look and days that you want to look sweet and shy. The lipstick is highly pigmented that one layer is enough to color my lips fully. 

I used this during my overtime shift at work and it lasted for at least 12 hours straight without the need to re-touch even though I ate a lot of food during my shift. The lasting power is amazing and its perfect for my career. Its quality resembles the MAC Prolong Wear. This lipstick is cheaper than MAC so its easier to purchase and collect. 

The formula kept my lips soft and smooth because it was infused with Vitamin E. It did not hydrate my lips but it did not make it dry either. Thus, the texture is also smooth making it easy to glide over my lips. No tugging experienced. 

The packaging had the color similar to the shade of the lipstick. This way, if you have all the shades of the Infalliable line, it will be easier to choose the color that you would like to wear for the day. 


The lipstick only contains 2.5g compared to other lipsticks that usually have 3g to 4g per tube. However, its still worth it because I only needed one layer to fully coat my lips because its highly pigmented!


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 500php

Where to buy? L'Oreal Counters, Lazada

Sadly, this is my last L'Oreal Infalliable Lipstick on my stash. Hopefully, I could collect one by one soon and share the review and swatch here on my blog. If ever, what shade of Infalliable would you like me to review next? Just share it on the comments section! Thank you for reading!

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