Pucker Up With The New Maybelline Powder Matte Lipsticks + Meet The Newest Maybelline Endorser

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Philippines


Last February 8, 2017 at Curve at Vask BGC, we welcomed the newest Maybelline Lipsticks that are lightweight and powder matte. There are 15 shades available and I cannot wait to share it with you. During the event, we were also able to meet the latest endorser of Maybelline. Can you guess who? Hold it because I will reveal it later! 

My lips are already dry and cracking because I love using matte lipsticks. In fact, I use one almost everyday. I am sure there are a lot of makeup junkies like me who love matte lipsticks as much as I do. I know it so well how a matte lipstick can make my lips feel dry and feel heavy in my lips that there are days that you look dehydrated because of the cracked lips. You know what? Girls, fret no more! We can now say goodbye to the days that our lips are dry and heavy due to the use of matte lipsticks as we welcome Maybelline New York's first ever lightweight mattes called The Powder Mattes by Color Sensational!

Ms. Kat Diaz introduced the new Powder Matte Lipstick that is infused with 2x saturated powder pigments and honey nectar. This collection gives your lips an ultra-powdery matte finish that feels silky smooth and perfect for any everyday look. With the 15 exciting shades from nude, pink and red, you can choose and play around the colors depending on your mood and you can now upgrade your lipstick collection as exciting when you upgrade your wardrobe. 

The good news is that, this amazing lightweight powder matte lipstick only costs 299php each! Yay! Maybelline made it easier for us to collect all the shades. 

You can choose lipsticks from their collection of nudes, pinks and reds. The Nude shades have four colors of lipsticks: Barely There, Nude Illusion, Touch of Nude and Make Me Blush. 

For the shades of pink, there are 6 colors available namely Up To Date, Pink Shot, Technically Pink, Fuchsia Flash, Pink Potion and Mauve It Up. 

Of course, lipstick collection will not be complete without the shades of red. For the red lipsticks there are 5 new colors from Plum Perfection, Red-Dy Red, Get Red-Dy, Noir Red and Cherry Chic.

We were able to try the new set of lipsticks first-hand during the event in their Makeup Station! All of the products that can be used are from Maybelline and all the new shades of lipsticks are displayed so I can easily test one lipstick to another. 

The event was filled with fun activities prepared by Maybelline. I am like a kid enjoying the two set of games. The first one I tried is the Powder Me Matte wherein I will just get a blank card and try my luck. 

The card will be dipped into a bowl of purple glitters! Blank card means no chance of picking a prize but I got lucky because I was able to pick a card with lips. I picked a prize and got a gift card from H & M...Yay more shopping time for me! 

I love shooting, whether its a dart or using a gun and I think I have a little talent on targeting with my previous experience in shooting classes before. I love the thought of aiming and getting a success if I hit it right. Like the feeling of satisfaction when I successfully inserted an Intravenous Needle into a vein. Do I sound morbid? I hope not, its just me being a nurse. LOL. Well, I am so happy when I popped a balloon containing purple and pink confetti inside because I won a prize again! Another H & M gift card for me. Yay! 

The newest Maybelline endorser was also introduced at the event. Let us all welcome Ms. Kelsey Merritt! 

Ms. Kelsey is the brand's perfect endorses because she is like Maybelline who empowers women to explore new looks and flaunt their own creativity and individuality. She is one of the country'sup and coming models signed on to Wilhelmina Models which is one of the biggest global modeling agencies. Ms. Kelsey Merritt shared during the event that she worked so hard to pursue her modeling dreams and make it in the business while also studying. 

Ms. Cary Co, Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York shared, "We're really excited to work with Kelsey Merritt this year as our newest Maybelline Girl especially because she truly exhibits what a Maybelline girl is - someone who makes it happen. With Liza Soberano who endorses our Face and Eyes products, Kelsey will be our lead endorser for Lips." 

I also think she is the perfect candidate to represent the Lips section of Maybelline because I can't help but look at her red and kissable lips during the event. I am sure she can rock any shades of lipsticks! This is not the first time that Kelsey worked with Maybelline. A year ago, she was given the opportunity to shoot a Maybelline commercial alongside the ultimate Maybelline Girl, Gigi Hadid in New York City. The commercial was shot in the middle of winter and they were wearing thin clothing. Still, Ms. Kelsey chose to see this experience as a blessing. The relentless demand of the modeling industry and the constant struggle to balance her schedule between studies and work but by staying true to herself, she managed to embrace the life she has chosen. 

Ms. Kelsey shared, "The industry I'm in brings me challenging suprises. I find myself writing my school paper on the plane, and packing my stuff at a moment's notice to jump on a plane. It can really be unpredictable but that's what makes it exciting." She also added, "Though I've worked with Gigi Hadid on a commercial for Maybelline, it never crossed my mind that I might one day actually become a Maybelline Girl. So I'm thrilled and looking forward to what's in store for me this year. To be part of the Maybelline family and to help inspire young girls to follow their dreams no matter what is a great honor! Let's make it happen!"

Ms. Kelsey Merritt with the Maybelline Team

With its recently unveiled Powder Mattes collection and newest endorser, Maybelline New York has launched the perfect combination to inspire girls to make it happen in 2017. Watch my short video coverage of the Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick Launch.

This new set of lipsticks are now available in the market for only 299php, so enjoy and try it all out! Thank you for reading and have a great time everyone! 

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