Maybelline: Bold and Fierce for 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017 Philippines


Late last year, I got an invite for an upcoming event with Maybelline wherein we will get the first dibs on what is in store for the year 2017! Does it include something bold and fierce? Let us find out!

The event was held at Solstice, 8 Rockwell at 9AM. I got a lot of surprise in this gathering and there are so many things to be grateful for! I am so happy to meet up with my fellow beauty bloggers and vloggers. Its like a reunion after 2016! Most of all, I got a trophy (My very first in my life! LOL... I am not active back in school days for sports nor competitions so no trophy ever.) and a certificate of appreciation as a certified Maybelline Girl and also as part of the Maybelline Squad! I am so honored and proud! Its just the start of the 2017 and yet I feel like I just had the highlight of my year!

Photo Taken by Ms. Nikki of

I am thrilled to share what are the new products that Maybelline will unveil this year! I included it in this video together with the coverage of the event: 

Maybelline has a nice line up of new items for us to wait for. The products to be released are complete from face to lips!

With the help of Maybelline, I can now keep up on what is trending this 2017 for makeup looks and it includes Strobing! After all, we all need that shine, right?! Maybelline will release its new strobing stick and cream and I tell you now, it is so nice - I love it! Watch out for my review, okay?

For lipstick lovers, get ready your lipstick holder because Maybelline will release 15 new shades for us to collect from nude, red, pink, coral and plum!

Also, they shared that the ever gorgeous young star, Ms. Liza Soberano - is the new face of Maybelline this 2017! I am a fan of Ms. Liza and I wish I can meet her soon!

There is one game that Maybelline prepared for us and I dared to take the challenge. The challenge is to apply my eyeliner under 120 seconds and I made it in the nick of time. Its a struggle when you have to do it under pressure but what amazed me with the new Hyperink Liquid Liner is it dries quickly so no waiting time needed and because of that, I was able to do it successfully! Bold and Fierce look check!

Mr. Jigs Mayuga, a famous makeup artist here in the Philippines shared a tutorial on how to use the new Hyperink Liquid Liner in three different ways. (I just wondered while watching, how can he do it so freaking easily? ^_^) Anyway, I find his tips very helpful and watching it closely will hopefully help me improve my application! (Crossing fingers...)

I love the pouches from Maybelline, we can have our names written on the back of the pouch done by a professional Calligraphy Artist. 

I miss having Henna. I always have it done whenever there is a chance and I am glad that it was offered during the event. I chose the outline of New York City for my wrist! 

Since I already chose the Henna, I decided not to have the Jewelry Tattoo done on my skin. It will be too much but its also available in the event. 

Wow, I definitely enjoyed my day and I am speechless. I cannot wait to share with you the reviews and swatches of the makeups that I got during the event. Also, I am delighted because I now own my very first traincase! A lot of firsts happened to me this first trophy then my first traincase! Any pick on what I shall review first? Feel free to comment down. 

Thank you so much Maybelline for everything and making me a part of the Maybelline Squad! 

The Maybelline Squad Philippines 2017
(Photo Image Courtesy of Maybelline Philippines)

Of course, my blog post will not be complete without my photos with my favorite people. :)

With Ms. Joyce Sola of and Ms. Kim Mendoza of

With Ms. Kaycee Enerva of www,
(Photo Image Courtesy of Kaycee)

Thank you to Ms. Cathy of Ogilvy for always supporting and having me! ^_^ 

To know more about Maybelline, you can follow them on Instagram at @welovemaybelline. For Facebook, click here. Thank you for bearing with me on this long blog post and have a good time everyone!

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