All About Beauty 101 at Hong Kong 2016: Day 1

Friday, July 1, 2016 Philippines


My first international travel blog entry took time to be posted since this happened last January 2016 but I still wanted to share my experience. 

Before you proceed, please have patience on my excitement to share it. It has been a dream of mine to travel and it is my first time so pardon my childishness for the whole post. Okay? Okay. :)

During 2015, my family and I were able to buy promo tickets by Cebu Pacific. We managed to get a 2,499php for a two-way trip per pax. I believe that we were so lucky to spot a big sale during that time specially since January is the time for Chinese to celebrate their New Year. 

The length of stay that my family and I booked was 4 days and 3 nights to enjoy it more. We arrived early at the Hong Kong airport around 9AM. Their airport is huge and clean compared to the Philippines and all the facilities are working (just like on my photo above). Even the line to the port of entry did not take too long because there are several people available to accommodate us. I noticed that they have this rule not to make someone wait. They make sure that all of us are attended quickly. 

During our arrival, we already planned to take a bus to go to our hotel. Its definitely cheaper compared to a Taxi. The train station is possible but with all our luggage, it will be hard to transfer from station to station. 

I suggest that you already buy your Octopus Card at the Airport. The initial payment for the card is HK$150. You will be able to get the both the card and amount HK$150 (1650php). By the end of your stay, you can surrender your Octopus Card again and get a refund of HK$50 (550php). 

The Octopus Card will serve as your all entry card. You can use it to pay for your train, bus and you can even use it in most establishments like Watsons and 7 Eleven. 

After getting our Octopus Card, we then proceed to the Bus Terminal outside the airport to travel to our hotel and drop our luggage. While we were inside the airport, I thought that the weather forecast and my sister telling me that it is cold during our stay was a little exaggerated but I took my words back as soon as I step foot outside the door. Its freaking cold, I am used to being exposed to a air conditioned environment but this a lot different. The wind is breezy and cold that I instantly wore my Winter jacket and scarf. Phew! Its a good thing that I stored it inside my carry-on luggage for easy access. Make sure to check the weather forecast during your stay whenever you go outside the Philippines.  

While waiting for the bus.

If you are going along Nathan Road (where our hotel is located), you should take the A21 Bus. There will be no one to assist you in putting your luggage inside the bus because the only person who is operating the bus is the driver. You will swipe your Octopus Card beside the machine near the driver upon entry and before exiting the bus. 

If you wanted to enjoy the view (like me!) specially if it is your first time, take seats on the second level of their bus. It has a better view. Remember that your luggage will be on the first floor though but do not fret because they have a Live Television on the second floor in view to the luggage bags. 

Sitting on the second level is an amazing experience because I was able to look out and enjoy the wonders of Hong Kong even though the weather is rainy and gloomy. 

The bus travels on time whether it is full or not. They follow the schedule of the trip and only drops their passengers to the allowed spots or terminals. The cost from airport to our hotel is HK$35 (385php) and the travel time is around 30 minutes with traffic.

After checking in at our hotel, we decided to have our lunch. The great thing about Hong Kong specially at Nathan Road, there are a lot of stores and restaurants available. Of course, I made sure to stuff my tummy with my favorite dumplings! The ingredients are authentic, the extenders are not distinct. 

Hakaw HK$29 (319php)

Pork Siomai HK$29 (319php)

Roasted Duck HK$46 (506php)

Steamed Chicken Feet and Spareribs HK$38 (418php)

Barbeque Pork HK$46 (506php)

Did you notice that their food is expensive? To think this is just the usual street food that they have. Restaurants are more expensive. Make sure to save a lot of money for food when you travel to Hong Kong. Also, bring your tissue, they do not give tissues at the restaurant. You can bring or buy water from 7 Eleven or Watsons and bring it to the restaurants. Like in the Philippines, ordering drinks are expensive. 

For our first day, we just strolled along Nathan Road to Harbour City and Harbour City Mall. 

My sister making fun of me and my boyfriend while we are seriously enjoying the view. 

I was not able to take pictures inside the Harbour City Mall because I was already panicking from all the shops and department store (Facess) there. I bought refills for my essentials at MAC there because their prices are cheaper. 

After spending at least 4 hours inside the mall having fun, we came back to the hotel and rest. At night, we strolled again along Nathan Road and enjoyed the city lights. We slept early because we have a big day the next day, it is Disney Land time!!! Stay tuned for my Day 2. 

Keep in touch and have a great weekend my loves! :)

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