Guerlain: Terra Ora Sculpting Powder and Contrast Highlighter

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I was encouraged by my sister and friend to already get this Sculpting Powder and Highlighter from Guerlain. I was actually eyeing the Terracotta but I was told that this is better. 

I love the brand Guerlain but its not a brand that I can spend on anytime that I wanted too. Its a luxury brand but worth it. If I have the money I can spare, I will collect all of Guerlain's powders, foundation, skincare, primer and most especially their Meteorites. 

I realized that I still do not have a high end makeup for sculpting and since this is a product just offered by my friend since it is an excess, I decided to get it. (Its also a buy it and pay later scheme, hahaha love you friend, you know who you are!)

Besides being a sculpting and a highlighter powder, this can also be used as a blush/bronzer with the right amount of powder. 

Let us now check it out closely. 

Brand: Guerlain

Type: Terra Ora

Edition: Limited

Weight: 16g

Product Description:  (From Guerlain's Website)  A powder that reinterprets the jewelled chains worn by modern vestal goddesses. A sun-kissed design in a soft and light compact powder texture. Two complementary shades that reproduce light and shadow effects to sculpt the face and décolleté. A mother-of-pearl golden white at the centre to illuminate the curved areas of the face and décolleté and accentuate areas of relief: the cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, top of the chin, shoulders and décolleté. A matte Beige that is perfect in summer for sculpting the hollow of the cheekbones, wings of the nose and hollow of the décolleté. A fabulous healthy glow.

Terra Ora offers a unique perfume experience. At the top, a joyful and sparkling accord of bergamot and mandarin. At the heart, sunny and feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang play with the lightness of honeysuckle. Base notes of vanilla, combined with woody aromas, give this legendary fragrance all of its character and mystery.


How To Use: 

(From Guerlain's Website)  The perfect step to give the whole face a sun-kissed glow: a Guerlain secret, the “3 gesture”.Using the special Terracotta bronzing powder retractable brush, apply your Terracotta powder by tracing a figure “3” on each side of the face: from the forehead down towards the cheeks, then down along the jaw line to the chin and down the neck, shoulders and décolleté.


The powder is buildable. It is sheer upon first application but it is easy to build up on how much color I wanted to build on my cheeks or cheekbones. 

Since it is a powder, I was expecting it to last for a few hours only, I was amazed though that it is long lasting. I finished my 8 hours of shift at work with the powder just faded a little on my face until I managed to get home. No re-touch is needed. 

As expected from a product made by Guerlain, it smells so good. The fragrance is floral scent and it can be smelled just by applying the powder on my face. The slightly strong scent does not bother me. 

I used the sculpting powder to contour under my cheekbones and then I added the highlighter on top of my cheekbones. Both looks a bit more natural compared to other sculpting powder that I was able to use. The highlighter is translucent but is has a healthy glow making my skin look naturally glowing.

I was able to use it as a blush too even though I already used it to contour my face, I just used a thin layer of powder on my cheeks to make it look more natural. As a blush, it has a peach like shade. 


Since it is limited edition, it is already hard to find. I still find it on Ebay International Sellers. 

Expensive. (High-end brand)


Makeup Used:
Primer: Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic
Foundation: MAC NC20
Sculpt/Blush/Highlighter: Guerlain Terra Ora
Lipstick: Shu Uemura Sunset Avenue
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked
Eyeliner: Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner
Eyebrows: BYS Wow Brows
Mascara: Get Lei'd 3D Fiber Mascara

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: Around $75

Where to buy? It is a limited edition. Try looking for it on Ebay and Online Re-sellers.

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