Nichido: 251 Angled Eyebrow Brush

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Until now, it is so hard to find that perfect and affordable Eyebrow Brush. I use eyebrow brushes that are usually included on my brow kit but my latest one already died on me so I am on this adventure of finding out a great and new one without damaging my wallet. 

The affordable and with the best potential that I found on my quest at the beauty department store is the Nichido's 251 Angled Eyebrow Brush. It is black in color, just like my other brushes. 

Brand: Nichido

Type: Angled Eyebrow Brush - 251

Weight: Not indicated

Product Description: 

Brush Care Instructions:


Doing my brows with powder is a technique that I still had not mastered today. I still find it easier to use a brow mascara. There are days though that I need to make my eyebrows look nice that I can only do with a powder. To be able to do that, I need a good eyebrow brush. 

I usually use the eyebrow brush included on my kits until I can save up and buy one from MAC. Until then, I have to find a brush I can satisfyingly use. 

The Nichido brush caught my eye among the other drugstore brand brushes because first, the bristles are stiff. If I wanted to have that eyebrow fleek thing, I need a stiff bristles so they can do the sharp edges of my brows. 

Second, the color of the brush holder is black and most of my brushes are in color black and I plan to keep it that way. (A little compulsiveness here...LOL.)

Third, the brush is lightweight that it is easy to use and handle. 

This brush can color the sparse areas of my brows easily and without putting on too much powder because it is slightly thick. When I dab the brush from the powder, it only gets a little powder. For me, I like it that way, it is easier to build up the color of my brows than removing some when I put on too much. 

The brush is a little stiff and angled so I can still line the edges of my brows. 


Since the brush is a little thick, it is hard to control in lining the edges. Yes it is angled but it goes outside the edge. I have to clean it up afterwards.

Buy again? 60% (I may try other brushes first...)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 150php

Where to buy? Nichido counters. Watson's, Landmark, SM Beauty Section, Wellworth and Robinsons. 

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