Nippon Esthetic: Micro Precision Tips

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Who has the same problem as mine that whenever I apply a liquid eye liner and my hands are shaking, I tend to  create a messy wing instead? I am sure a lot of people experience this. It is such a hassle to remove it by makeup remover on a cotton pad or cotton bud because it removes even your other makeup and you have to re-do it all over again. 

I just saw this Nippon Esthetic Micro Precision Tips when I got my Glamourbox BYS Makeup Pro Box. I bought it together with my Cosmetic Sanitizer. I am intrigued if this Precision Tips can help me in my daily routine. 

I just wanted to share that it is a great help because the tip is so pointed and small that it is easy to just dab it on a makeup remover solution and just hit the part where you want to remove. For example, excess lipstick, incorrectly done eye liner and so much more. By having a precise tip, you can target the area easily without removing other parts of your makeup. 

One pack costs 68php that contains 25 pieces of tips. It is a little expensive compared to regular cotton buds but I find this more effective in aiding me on my makeup routine. 

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