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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


If you follow my blog since then, you will know that owning at least one Naked Palette has been a dream of mine. It was always included on my wish list but never got it or bought it. I find it too expensive whenever I try to buy one.

Recently, my sister went to Singapore and Urban Decay is cheaper there than here. She surprised my with the first Naked Palette released by Urban Decay as a birthday gift. I am really really surprised! The best birthday present for this year! I wanted to use it and review it here on my blog but of course, I needed to take good photos first. 

You should be careful when buying a Naked Palette, there are so many fake products being sold even at some boutique at malls. Besides my review, I wanted to share with you what the real Urban Decay in details will look like so you will be familiar with it before buying. 

The texture of the Naked 1 Palette is velvet. 

It has a mirror and the word NAKED labelled below the mirror. 

The Brush included has the Urban Decay's logo and NAKED word on it. It is a two sided brush.

Blending Brush.

Double-ended Shadow Brush.

The Original Palette contains a free primer potion inside the box.

For the other details around the packaging, the photos are posted below:

Back of the Naked Palette

Let us now go into the details of my review. I had so much fun swatching all the shades included in this Naked Palette.

Brand: Urban Decay

Type: Naked Palette (Naked 1)

Shades Included On The Palette:

Weight: 12 x 1.3g/eyeshadow

Product Description: 


(Click the Photo to Enlarge)


Two words...worth it! Enough said. I am so happy that my sister gave this to me because the colors are highly pigmented. It is not chalky and dusts do not go all over the place. 

I am happy that there is a combination of two matte shades and the remaining are shimmering shades in this palette so the possibilities are endless. 

The quality of the eye shadow defends its luxurious price.

Cons: Quite expensive. (For me, its really worth it though.) 


Buy again? 100% (Thank you so much Sis for my early birthday gift! My wish just granted!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: $54 (Around 2,600-2,800php in the Philippines, depending on the seller's markup.)

Where to buy? Pure Beauty (I am not sure if they have one in separate palettes but they do sell the Naked Vault), Online Sellers.

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