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Monday, October 12, 2015


While looking for more things to buy at www,, I came upon this brand Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives. I never tried this brand yet and it I am fortunate that their products are on sale when I saw this product. It reminded me of Shiseido's Angled Flat Top Foundation Brush that I always wanted but never purchased. 

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Angled Flat Top Brush is on sale, I got it for only 245php instead of the original price of 700php. There are two colors available, black and red. Of course, I got the black so it could match my other brush collection.

Anyway, let me now share with you my thoughts on this brush. Is it worth the money?

Brand: Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives

Type: Angled Flat Top Brush

Product Description: Fuss-free, flawless application is what you can expect from PRO STUDIO’s professional-grade angled flat top brush. The ideal tool for liquid or cream foundations, it comes with a perfectly angled set of soft, synthetic bristles for smooth, even application and a flawless airbrushed finish. Create perfect coverage in just a few strokes with this high-quality brush that comes in classic black and chic pop-of-color red.


The brush is lightweight and firmly built. The bristles are a little stiff and still gentle to skin. It did not irritate my skin whenever I use it. In terms of performance, I used the brush on my liquid foundation and it delivered a smooth airbrushed look without any streaks. Although, I still prefer a Stippling Brush for my liquid foundations because using it saves me a lot of time in applying my foundation compared to the flat top brush.

I also tried using it as a contour and blush brush, it is easy to blend too because the brush did not get too much powder. 

My budget 245php is worth the brush, it works like the Shiseido's Foundation Brush, this is a good replacement if you have a smaller budget. The only difference it has from Shiseido is the softness of the bristles. The Shiseido Foundation Brush has a softer bristles.


The first time that I used it, there are at least 5 strands of the bristles that fell off from the brush. Thankfully, it never happened again. 

There are no weight of the brush and ingredients included on the packaging. For me, I think the brush is synthetic and I prefer it that way. So if you prefer animal hair for your brushes, you may want to check it out this brush first before buying.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 700php (I got it for only 245php at Hurry while it is on sale and there are still a few pieces available.)

Where to buy?, Glambox Beauty Studio

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