Maybelline Give Away Winners!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Thank you Maybelline for the collaboration give away for my Instagram followers and for all those who participated. 

It took me half day before I was able to announce the winner because I checked all the entries submitted if it is all valid. There are two contestants who joined the contest without following my Instagram account. There is one contestant who un-followed before then re-followed just to join this contest again. I just shared it because I wanted all of you to know that I really check if everyone follows the mechanics. :)

There are a lot of great answers submitted and I had a hard time choosing three winners only. I wish I could choose 10 winners at least. LOL. Anyway, I narrowed down the best captions and I am happy to announce the three lucky winners below: 

1. @13thstrawberry

"I love how Maybelline’s White Super Fresh is very essential to every girl who is always on-the-go. As a working student, I only have minimal time to prepare myself so I have no time for too much makeup, I always end up pale and dry – but that was before! Now, with the discovery of White Super Fresh which I happen to stash at a drugstore kiosk months ago, I can instantly look fair and blooming in just a few seconds. It makes me look glowing even without too much cosmetics on my face. It’s lightweight on the skin and can last long, I swear! Also, it is very affordable! When it comes to the best powder foundation, my choice is Maybelline White Super Fresh."

2. @thebellememoirs

“I love how Maybelline’s White Super Fresh has given me a long-lasting matte finish. For someone with oily skin, retouching round-the-clock is a tedious work! I can now carry coverage, oil-control and long-lasting freshness inside my purse. Did I mention that I love the huge mirror that comes with it, too? Staying matte without looking flat (and hurting my wallet) has never been this easy with this affordable foundation!”

3. @madeitthroughmom

“I love Maybelline’s White Super Fresh simply because I can go out with just a powder and a lippie on my face with confidence that would last the whole day with no touch-ups needed. It’s perfect for my combination of oily to normal skin. It makes me look and feel younger at 36 with 3 kids!”

Congratulations to my three winners who just won a year supply of Maybelline's White Super Fresh Powder and some other Maybelline goodies. Please email me your Complete Name, Address and Contact Number to I will ship your items but if you are attending the Jergens event (which is open to everyone) on September 5, 2015 at 11AM in Gateway, I can give it to you personally on that day. Just let me know on your email. 

For everyone, there are still gifts to be given away for the coming months and I hope to see you all again joining! Have a great day and blessed Sunday everyone! 

To know more about future activities and promos from Maybelline, follow them on their Facebook account here. :)

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