Collagen Drinks: Comparison of Meiji, Shiseido, Belo and Asahi

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Comparison of Meiji, Shiseido, Belo and Asahi Collagen Drinks

Collagen drinks became famous in the Philippines as it is now known to help fight skin aging. Why? Collagens are proteins and it can be found in our body too however as we age the collagen in our body decreases. Resulting to dry skin, formation of wrinkles and lines.

So how does the Collagen drink helps? According to research and companies producing the drinks, the collagen drink will aid in the production of collagen in our bodies. Some doctors say that it does not help because when you digest it, it becomes an enzyme instead. However that is exactly how the others explains its benefit, since you digested it, the collagen becomes an amino acid. The collagen drinks are rich in glycine (a kind of amino acid) that supports metabolic functions and it helps detoxification. 

Research suggests that besides making the skin healthier through improvement of smoothness and elasticity, it is also believed that it helps decrease discomfort from arthritis. For other health benefits, it aids in growth of hair, nails and healing of wounds and others say it also boosts one's immune system. 

Where do they get collagen supplements? Collagens can be found on fish, cow, pig and chicken. Fish is considered the most effective source of collagen. Collagen drinks uses fish as its source.

Drinking vitamin C will make the effectiveness of collagen increase. Adding artificial flavors or other fillers should be avoided to prevent ineffectiveness of the product. On contrary, I myself find it hard to add artificial flavors to the drink because I find the taste of it not good and it has an aftertaste. Also, it has a very foul smelling fragrance. 

Before you buy a certain drink though, make sure you checked the ingredients carefully because they have so many list of ingredients that you can be allergic to. 

For my opinion, I tabulated it to make it easier for my readers to see my comparison. I hope my reviews can help you choose your Collagen Drink. You can click the photo below to enlarge it.

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