166/365: Places I Wanted To Go

Monday, June 15, 2015

Places I Wanted To Go

Photo Image Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

My top choice is Japan, ever since I was little I dreamed of going to this place and try to live there too. I love Japanese culture, their food and anime! So I think all I need is to learn how to write, read and speak in Japanese.

Photo Image Courtesy of jetwayz.com

Even though the weather looks hot and humid at Greece, I really wanted to see the sea there. I am also curious to Greek Mythology so I wanted to see the famous places of ruins there.

Photo Image Courtesy of marketing-chine.com

Is there someone who does not want to see this tower? I do not think so. It is every girl's dream to dine, shop and see the place of Paris. It is where the famous brands came from in regards to fashion. It is also where the delicious pastries and desserts originated...ahhh bliss!!! 

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