PhilCare: Answer To Wellness

Thursday, April 9, 2015

PhilCare: Answer To Wellness

Reading the About Me section of my blog and most of my posts, you will be aware that I am a registered nurse working in a tertiary hospital. As a nurse I am happy to take care of other people but I tend to forget myself. Being exposed to different cases and working in long hours and night shifts has its toll on my body. 

Medical workers are actually stubborn people too, I am not the only one who is adamant to have regular check ups because we believe that we can take care of ourselves and we know our limits. I am always being scolded by my family to be proactive in health by taking vitamins and having regular check ups.

Regular check ups can be quite costly specially if you do it quarterly or annually. However, it is really important that you have a budget allocated for this at least once a year. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Filipinos understand the importance of health and wellness. Being well is a state of achieving a complete harmony of mind and body. We should take charge of our own health and avoid sickness altogether as it leads to self-improvement and evidently, productivity.

According to a study by Business Group on Health in the US affirmed the thought that wellness programs both increase productivity at the same time increase savings for companies. In fact, the same study said that for every $1 a company puts in to corporate wellness programs, $3 is saved through decreased sick days, increased worker productivity and employee retention.

That is why, I am blessed to receive a wellness box the other day from PhilCare. It contains items that can be my jump start for a healthier lifestyle.

PhilCare is one of the first and among the top HMO provider in the Philippines. The company's goal is to make health care services extensive and with quality that can be readily available to every Filipino through various prepaid health card.

PhilCare 360 Care is a wellness program that leads to a healthier life. They have various programs, products and services that you can avail in your convenience. Availing a program to PhilCare is not only for individuality or family, companies can also sign up programs for their employees.

What are exactly included in my package?

1. Smart Check-Up Card

The Smart Check-Up Card is perfect for pre-employment procedures and for annual physical exam. The card is a one-time use prepaid check-up worth only 499php that will let you have a complete basic laboratories done like Chest X-Ray, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis and Fecalysis as well as the medical history review and physical examination. 

This service can be availed in selected clinics in Metro Manila. You can avail this by going through any PhilCare clinics. You have to register through SMS before using the card and scheduling an appointment is a must. The card will be taken upon use so the check-up is a one-time availment only. 

There are added benefits besides the basic procedures to be done like 10% discount on ultrasound procedures, 5% discount on other laboratory and x-ray procedures at PhilCare Manila and Makati Clinics. 

There is also a PhilCare Go Mobile Smart Check-Up application that lets you download your exam results through your android device.

With this card, you can also use it to become a myPhilCare member so you can enjoy privilege on deals. It is a hassle free membership too as it offers no restriction for age and not needing any requirements for enrollment.

2. Jumping Rope

I will definitely need this as I do not have any work out routine lately. Doing this in the morning before work can help me at least do a little cardio.

3. Seaweed Mask

The beauty blogger in me is excited to try this. I always enjoy putting mask on my face. Seaweed is known to boost your skin's healthiness.

4. Olive Mist

This is perfect to keep me refreshed all day.

5. Moringa Detox Tea

I drink tea but I am very picky on the taste. However, I am curious to try this as it will be my first time to try a Detox Tea.

6. Calamansi Soap

Calamansi are known to whiten and disinfect when used on skin. So I am excited to try this.

7. Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal on skin care are famous to exfoliate, moisturize and soothe the skin. I cannot wait to use this.

Thank you so much PhilCare for helping me keep on track the importance of health. Having a partner in health care is important and I am glad PhilCare is available to assist Filipinos. 

To know more about PhilCare, just go to their website here: PhilCare website

For the list of affiliated clinics:

1. Makati Clinic

2/F STI Holdings Center
6764 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel. Nos.: +63 (2) 892 8844 / 892 8850

2. Delos Santos Medical Center

Mezzanine, East Katipunan Building, 95 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Quezon City
+63 (2) 781 0388 (through Megacenter Diagnostics)

3. PhilCare Megamall

5th Level Building A
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.: +63 (2) 633 1045

4. Manila Clinic

7F VIP Building, Nuestra SeƱora de Guia cor Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Manila
Tel. Nos.: +63 (2) 354 4217 / 354 4218

You can also follow them on Facebook: PhilCare Facebook
On Twitter: Twitter Account
On Instagram: Instagram Account

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