Fashion 21 Eyebrow Mascara Swatches

Monday, February 9, 2015


What are your thoughts in Fashion 21's new eyebrow mascaras? Eyebrow mascaras can be quite expensive specially if you buy from known brands like MAC, Etude and Dolly Wink. I know that most of the time you get what you pay for but when you have to stick to a limited budget of beauty finds (like me) once a month, then you know you have to find ways to save money and still manage to maintain your needs.

I promised myself that this year (2015), I will not over indulge on luxurious cosmetics (even though I really want too!) as I want to save up some money. So every time I go to the mall, I am in search of items which are affordable that can still pass my standards.

When I consumed my Etude Eyebrow Mascara (costs 378php for 4.5g) I looked for another brand that I can use everyday without hurting my wallet. I love the Etude Color My Brows but one tube does not last long for me as I work almost every day and its hard to maintain it if I have a limited budget. Full review of Etude Eyebrow Mascara in Rich Brown posted here: Etude Review.

Its a good thing that Fashion 21 released their new eyebrow mascara. The shade range is limited but they do have the important colors. The available shades are Clear, Blonde, Light Brown and Dark Brown.

I tested all the shades so I could share it to you. I bouught the Light Brown shade (full review will be posted separately) and this only costs 165php for a 8ml tube. 

Under natural light and with lights.

If you want to try this new Eyebrow Mascara from Fashion 21, they are now available in all of their stores. Find the one nearest you. 

To know more about Fashion 21, you can visit their web page here: Fashion 21 Website.

To follow them, like their Facebook page here: Fashion 21 Facebook Page.

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