Missha: Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Treatment and Moisturizer

Monday, September 22, 2014


Asian brands are famous in producing effective toners and moisturizers. I am delighted to see that I got two samples from my Salad Box. Not only that, I got a snail essence based product, I had a moisturizer before that I find effective. Its just unfortunately that company closed. This is the second time that I was able to try a snail based treatment and moisturizer.

To know about the previous product I tried, click here: Zamian Crystal Whitening Escargot Cream.

The Snail Skin Treatment is like a toner but the product said it is also a booster. Besides working as a toner and booster, it also firms skin foundation that promotes glowing skin. I think it works like a softener from Shiseido. It cleans and opens pores for the next product to be absorbed well. But according to the directions of use, you will apply it gently on the face after cleaning and leave it on your skin. The scent is kind of strong with like a citrus like fragrance but it is not bothering. The consistency is really liquid so it is absorbed fast by the skin. My skin felt smooth and soft after use and it is not greasy but I did not notice any added glow on my skin after I finished up this sample size bottle that I got. 

The Essential Moisturizer is a typical moisturizer with a creamy texture and consistency. It is more light scented than the Snail Skin Treatment. This moisturizer is recommended to use after toning the skin. It is easy to apply and easily absorbed by skin. I love that it is non-greasy because I can use it indoor even by day. I cannot use it outdoor since it does not contain any SPF. My skin feels smooth and soft after use.

Unfortunately, there are no ingredients listed on both the samples that I got so I cannot share it to you people! The samples that I got are great but I am still open to try other skin care products.

Left - Treatment, Right - Moisturizer

Buy again? 60%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: Full sizes
          Treatment - 1,500php
          Moisturizer - 1,700php

Where to buy? Missha stores - SM Malls 

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