My Dream Nail Spa Experience

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The newly opened My Dream Nail Spa located along Visayas Avenue is already accepting clients for their soft opening. My boyfriend treated me here for an early Christmas treat by pampering today. I chose the signature foot spa with pedicure and gel polish while my boyfriend chose the signature foot spa with pedicure.

The ambiance is warm and comforting. From the usual refreshing scents of aroma inside a spa and the dim lighting. They designed their Spa with comfy violet chairs with pillows. Each chair is divided by a curtain for privacy.


The first thing they did is soaking my feet on a warm water. The warm water was placed in a vintage looking bowl.

They are very organized, as their tools are packed in a small plastic box for each client. The plastic box includes all that is needed for a foot spa and massage. 

After soaking my feet in warm water, they soaked it next in a foot massage machine. They included something on the water that smells like peppermint. It is very relaxing.

Then my boyfriend and I were scrubbed with brown looking salts that my skin felt silky smooth afterwards.

They did not washed it off right away, they wrapped our feet with cling wrap for approximately 5 minutes.

While waiting, they made me choose to their variety of colors of Gel polish. The brand they use is Cuccio. 

My favorite part in a foot spa, the scrubbing of unwanted dead skins!!! They really took their time in scrubbing. My feet felt soft after. 

After scrubbing, they washed off my feet and put on another product and wrapped it up with cling wrap. Then proceeded to put my feet inside a warm bag. Shaped like a sock but warm inside, this is my first time to encounter this but the warmness inside the sock is very comforting and relaxing.

After washing my whole leg and feet, the massage part! From soles, toes, legs and up to my knees! Then the usual pedicure, but I noticed that they use a more updated cuticle remover. It has 2 sides too.

Oh, before I forgot, their cleaning tools are sealed in a pack that it was been auto-claved. It is very hygienic. Look at the tool being used, its different from the usual thin ones. I liked this better. 

Instead of lamps that were being used on other spa to light their work, the ladies here uses a light worn on their forehead. Really creative part in doing their job well.

The ultra violet machine to dry off my nails:

Compared to my previous Gel pedicure, my experience here looks better. All my nails are really covered with polish. My previous experience was they only coated the top and did not go into details on the side of my toe nails. Sorry if I posted my ugly foot, but I want to let you see the finished work on my toe nails. 

Over all experience? Definitely happy, the price is worth the service. I am so glad it is close to home that it would be easy for me to come back. 

 List of services offered and prices:

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