My Third Sample Room Package: Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Now available in Philippines.

Shipped via Xend. Inside is a P & G Beauty paper bag that holds the Vidal Sassoon Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner wrapped in red Japanese paper.

The Vidal Sassoon started as a salon since 1950's in London.. They created the famous "Bob Cut" that is usually trending on females. They started making lines for hair care products since 1970's. The man behind the Vidal Sassoon not only sets trends for hairstyles but it is also concerned on hair care.

There are two sizes available for the shampoo and conditioner. 
Shampoo: 190ml or 480ml
Conditioner: 184ml or 470ml

I got the smaller bottles from Sample Room as samples.

The sample that I got is the Premium Color Care Series that helps repair hair damage due to hair coloring. I chose this series since my hair is continuously being died for at least 10 years now. 

The Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series not only repairs the hair damage from coloring but it also retains the color and enhances the hair shine. 

Only small amount is needed for the shampoo since you can lather it well on your hair. Gently spread it and do not rub your hair. It didn't cause any tangles.

The conditioner makes my hair smooth. It is so soft that I always want to touch my hair. 

I love the fresh scent of the shampoo and the conditioner since it is long lasting. It leaves its fragrance on our bathroom and house too after shower. And this matters to me since I commute in going to work and the smell of the pollutes from Jeeps usually stays on my hair. And the Vidal Sassoon still holds its scent when I arrived to work. It minimized the dryness of my hair but doesn't develop any greasiness after a long day. I did not encounter any itchiness or developing dandruff on my hair like other shampoos.

After a few days of use, my hair looks healthier with improvement on its volume too. Over all experience, I love it!


Buy Again? 100%

Price: Shampoo: 190ml - 199php
                         480ml - 459php
         Conditioner: 184ml - 199php
                           470ml - 459php

Where to buy? Any leading Department Stores and Supermarkets

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