Primp And Prettify: A Beauty Social Event

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty Social Event by BDJBOX
September 29, 2013 at SM Skydome

I was so happy when I got my official invite after answering "How do you prettify for an event?" and signing up for the pre-registration. I can't sleep because of too much excitement that I am literally counting the days down! 

This was the first time that I became active on social events and the first time that I got an invite for trying. And I would do it again and again. I love the experience and knowledge that I learned from attending this event.

On the day of the event, I was so amazed to see women just excited as I am. Upon entering this is what caught my attention:

I went early so I really had time going around the booths. I went first to Yves Rocher Booth and had my skin analyzed. They gave me samples too! I love their matte moisturizer. 

The booth of Too Cool For School, my friend Jing Baloy of and I had our picture taken at their booth. We got the chance to try their products and played a game that is famous from Korea. I won 3 samples by playing the game. It was really fun! 

The product that I tested that I like the most is the powder finish primer, its the best finishing that I tried so far in being a make-up enthusiast! 

My next quest is to try the different fragrances from Ralph Lauren, Big Pony 1 has a sporty scent and numbers 2 and 4 are fruity. The number 3 is floral in nature. 

Next booth, I went to Bifesta and Lucido-L. Its my first time to encounter these brands. You can get your hair done at the Lucido-L booth. Their milk treatment products is very smooth when applied into your hair. It made my hair moisturized and silky to touch. It is available on Watson's Store for only 295php! Grab yours now! :)

Beside the Bifesta and Lucido-L is the Celeteque booth where you can get your skin analyzed. They use a special equipment to properly detect your skin condition. Their products is also designed for people who has sensitive skin.

In the middle of the dome, is the booth of Shiseido. They offered great discounts and you can get a free facial for purchases 1,500 and above. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Their Ibuki line is a really must have! And its a great thing that their make-up artist and training manager, Ms. Carmel Villongco is there to guide you on what products suits you best. I am lucky enough to have a picture taken with her. 

On the other side, I went to the booth of Max Factor, they offer basic make-up class and make-over. 

Beside the Max Factor is the Cover Girl booth where there is a challenge of 30 strokes Clump Crusher. They are promoting their new mascara that even though you stroked for 30 times it won't clump. Yup! I loved the effect of the mascara. First, it doesn't clump. Second, it made my lashes look longer. Third, it curled my lashes like you had used a curler! Last, it doesn't smudge even if I scratch my eyes.

I found my holy grail in mascara in Cover Girl's Clump Crusher. You girls should really try it!

The booth beside them is the Revlon booth, where there is also a free basic make-up class, make-over and a free application of hair dye after buying their hair color product.

In front of Revlon is the booth of Garnier booth, they offer refreshments and later on, after the talk with Georgina Wilson, you can meet and greet her there. She's very beautiful and nice. :)

Next stop is Goody booth, you can see all the accessories available to style your hair with twisted buns and etc.! They even show you how to do it!

On their left is the last booth, Cure booth. They tested their product on my skin, their water based exfoliating gel. It really made my skin soft. Another item added to my must-have list! 


Talk with the Beauty Ministry of BDJBox: The gorgeous girls behind the successful event. They are very happy to help us gals by answering our questions and sharing their experiences. At first, I was so shy to have my picture taken with them but they are really nice! :)

Ready For Anything With Shiseido Philippines: Hydrate and perfect your skin with the new Ibuki line. The Ibuki line is recommended for young generations to start on your maintenance of healthy skin. The products were tested while the talk is ongoing with the famous make up artist: Ms. Carmel Villongco. I learned a lot from her talk on how to take care of your skin.

Talk with L'Oreal Philippines: Look fab on what is latest Parisian look as taught by L'Oreal make up artists: Verna Marin and Gex Garcia. Look funky with bright colors.

Talk with Georgina Wilson: She shared her secrets on how to remain young and beautiful with Garnier Philippines. As an advice from her, sleep is very important in our regimen.


Thank you so much BDJBox for making this happen! Its an every girl's dream. The best experience for my year 2013! :)

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