Heroine Make: Kiss Me Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Waterproof In Black

Thursday, June 25, 2020 Philippines


Hello Beauties! This season is the time that we should up our eye game. Why? Because we usually wear masks since it is the new normal so the only thing that could express our look is through our eyes. 

Besides using an eyeshadow, eyebrow product, and mascara, we can also define our eyes by adding up eyeliner. 

My sister or niece (I am not really sure who...LOL) gave this to me when they came back from Japan. It remained sealed on my stash then I remember that I haven't tried it yet. 

This is my first time to try Heroine Make and it is my niece's holy grail eye products. So shall we find out if its really good? Read further more!

Brand: Heroine Make

Shade: Black

Type: Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Waterproof

Weight: 2.5g

Ingredients: Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese characters since the packaging only contains Japanese characters...I am sorry that I cannot disclose the exact ingredients. 


My new normal shifts at work is 12 hours per day. I wake at 4AM, put my make up on by 5AM and when I came home at 8PM, my eyeliner is still intact with slight fading. Amazing! This is really a good partner for long hours!

Not only that, I managed to scratch my eyes accidentally at work and I thought that it smudged because there is an ample product on my fingers but when I checked it on the mirror, it faded slightly through my rubbing but it did not smudge!

Because of that, I am now curious to try their mascara products too!

I prefer the thinness and pointed tip of the eyeliner because I can give precise application on my eyelids. 


It looks dark black on my hand but when applied over my eye shadow, it looks light gray. So if you wanted to have a real black look, just apply another layer or two.

Heroine Make is kind of hard to find in the Philippines. Some of their products are available at BeautyMNL and Calyxta. 


Wearing Card Captor Sakura Cloth Mask from Sailor Moon PH shop.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: Their product ranges from 800-1000php

Where to buy? Try Calyxta and BeautyMNL

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