The Balm: Bonnie-Lou Manizer

Friday, May 24, 2019 Philippines


There is a new addition to the Manizer sisters! Meet Bonni-Lou! Ever since I first tried my first The Balm highlighter with its original sister, Mary-Lou, I fell in love with it. That is why when they released a small palette containing three of the Manizer sisters, I immediately bought it. 

Compared to her sisters, this one is versatile. I could wear it in a subtle look or apply many layers as I wanted to make it more shimmering. 

I am excited to share my thoughts with you so read more below for the review. 

Brand: The Balm

Type: Bonnie-Lou Manizer Highlighter

Weight: 9g



The color is perfect for a Filipina skin tone because it is in the shade of champagne. It can look natural if applied subtle specially for my medium skin tone. However, it can look like a natural dewy look! Before, Mary-Lou is the holy grail for highlighters but when this came out, people raved that this is better than Mary-Lou! So move over sister! 

Besides being used as a highlighter, because it has a more solid and darker shade, it can also be used as a shimmering eye shadow. 

The powder has a smooth texture and very fine. 

Little product is needed to make a glowing look, so this compact powder will last long. 

As it becomes more absorbed and blended into the skin, the shimmering lessens and it looks more like you have a natural glowing skin. That is why sometimes I apply my makeup earlier to make it more natural when I came out of the house. Lasts for four to six hours without sweating, if you want to maintain it looking shimmering, just re-apply. 


A little expensive for a highlighter but with it lasting a long time and the good quality, it is still worth it. I just know that to others, 1490php for a piece of makeup may not be worth it. :)


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1490php

Where to buy? The Balm stores inside Beauty Bar, Sephora PH

Yay! I am not sure if The Balm will add more sisters into their family but every highlighter that came from them is worth it! 

Anyway, I hope you find this review helpful and keep in touch through my social media accoutns! Take care!

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