Wearing Avon Body Illusion Intimate Apparel Boosts Confidence

Thursday, March 28, 2019 Philippines


My love for intimate apparel whether it is bra, panties, or garments has never been a secret. I love shopping for intimate garments and for so many reasons. Wearing something nice underneath actually makes me feel good. It boosts my confidence! That is why I am picky when choosing the right garments for me. My usual requirements when picking the right garments are: First, it should be comfortable like it is your second skin. Next, upon wearing it should make my shape look good. Last, well...it must be cute! So price tag usually does not matter for me when it comes to intimate apparel because my priority is comfort. 

I realized this importance back in High School when we had to frequently change clothes together at the same time with my girl friends inside the comfort room after each dance practice. Even my early days at work, the girl's locker room is open and offers no privacy when changing uniforms. People will see what you wear underneath and remember your inner garments is like your second skin. At least, make it look decent and presentable. The confidence that you know that you are wearing something nice and comfortable inside is such a relief. 

Recently, I learned about Avons Fashions. I am familiar that Avon is known for good quality of both their garments and beauty products but it is my first time to hear about the all new Body Illusion. This Body Illusion is an intimate apparel that offers different levels of control-from smoothing to shaping to sculpting-to flatter any figure. It gives the body a perfect silhouette confidence. 

Besides its embracing any shape or figure positively, it was also developed with cutting-edge fabric technology called Invisilite Technology. Touching the intimate apparel is like second skin because of its soft fabric, it can stretch twice its size for more flexibility. Last, being seamless gives a smooth silhouette because there are no visible lines seen in your clothes but still providing support and comfort. 

Not only that, as you know my size is not that of a model. I am actually fat and some brands do not cater big sizes. Personally, I experienced having a hard time looking for the right and comfortable size here in the Philippines that is why I usually end up with international brands. With Avon Fashions, I am now proud that something local is now available! Avon Fashions Body Illusion bras are available in bigger sizes up to 40B! Also their panty is available up to XL sizes. Yay! Problem solved for me. Watch the video about Avon Fashions Body Illusion here:

Body Illusion Bras are lightweight and have comfortable cups. Its straps are soft and easily adjustable. 

Available in two types: Charlene Underwire and Sonia Non-Wire. Charlene Underwire was laser cut for a clean-cut edges so that no marks will be seen in wearing tight clothing. It uses an ultra soft nylon spandex material and available in color Tuscany (Nude). The bra costs 899php and the panty costs 299php. 

The Sonia Non-Wire is a pull on bra. No hooks and no wires for maximum comfort. It also has an ultra-soft fabric and moulded cups with seamless back and sides. Available in color Pale Blush. The bra costs 899php and the panty costs 299php.  

I started using this to test out if it actually feels like air, like you are not wearing anything at all and you know what...it is true! The pull-on bra is smooth, soft, and lightweight. It is like I forgot that I am wearing a bra after all. 

That is why wearing a nice and comfortable intimate apparel can boost your confidence! Let me share with you at least three reasons on why I believe it can help in boosting your confidence. 

First, comfort - since the garments are comfortable and stretchable, it does not distort my shape and skin. I feel more confident wearing it. 

Second, feeling of being sexy. Knowing that you are wearing an intimate apparel in correct fit and size can emphasize your favorite parts of your body. Like for example those push-up bras, right? Because wearing something that would look nice on you will make you feel fabulous. 

Third, being real - when you choose and buy the intimate apparel that you like, you exercise your power to be you. You are practicing your autonomy. 

Also this line is actually perfect for my work uniforms because there are no seams and stitches visible on the thin and sheer fabric of my white uniform. No need to worry of your inner garments being seen!

Now I have a new must-have for my lingerie collection. You definitely must try this Avon Fashions Body Illusion Intimate Apparel! You can visit Avon's website for more information and to shop!

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