Vandarah Cafe: Beauty and the Beast Inspired Cafe In QC

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Philippines


With the new technology and social media hype nowadays, people tend to choose places wherein they can also do some photos that are Instagram-worthy. Take a note though that this is just my own observation but as a blogger, most of the times, a place that is Instagram-worthy is required because I need to have a good photos on my feed to make it more interesting. (Reality! If you plan to be a blogger, take this as an advice! ^_^)

Not only that, my friend and co-blogger, Rochelle of, spend our time to bond by exploring new places while enjoying good food and taking a lot of photos. LOL. No wonder that we found ourselves visiting the intriguing Beauty and the Beast inspired cafe in Quezon City. 

Vandarah Cafe is located at the 2nd floor of 15KL Building along Visayas Avenue (across Yellow Cab), it is easy to spot and so near my home! Yay! This is a perfect place for girls who loves to sip drink while reading in a quiet environment or girls who simply love to shop while dining because Vandarah Cafe is not your ordinary cafe! It is also a fashion hub and a spa. Spending a whole day inside this cafe to be pampered, shop and dine is possible!

The fashion hub area sells gowns that reminded me of Disney Princesses!

Vandara Cafe aka Vandarah Fashion Hub also sells Local Sunnies (IG: @localsunnies) that are perfect to pair with your OOTD! I even spotted a spectacles just like what Harry Potter uses. 

Fashionable clothes are also available in a affordable price! I also spotted some onesies there!

Last, what is a fashion hub without any cosmetics and skincare, right? Satisfy your girly madness with their amazing makeup finds by Poppy Beauty (IG: poppybeautyph)

"Tale as old as coffee time..." Oh wait, have I sung the lyrics wrong? I don't think so because after exploring the whole cafe, Rochelle and I got thirsty. We ordered cold refreshments and just rest for awhile. 

Look at Rochelle's drink, Lumiere is on top of it while man has an Oreo Cookie! Yummy!

I just wish they have more to offer from their menu but so far, they only have drinks, nachos and carbonara. 

After a whole day, if you still need some pampering, you can also visit their spa. 

Rochelle and I enjoyed visiting the place and we cannot wait to be back. Also, thank you to the owners for the warm accommodation and also supporting our photo sessions in your cafe. LOL. 

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