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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 Philippines


When I started to hoard products from Esfolio, I promised myself that I will not neglect my eyes when it comes to skincare regimen. I usually find eye creams expensive but with the new hydrogel technology, eye patches are now affordable and effective. 

The most affordable eye patch from Esfolio is the Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch and it is designed for anti-wrinkle. 

Each jar contains 60 sheets (or 30 pairs of eye patches) that if I will use it daily, will last me a month which is really great! This jar of eye patches only costs 899php!

Now the question is, is it effective? Let us find out with my review!

Brand: Esfolio

Type: Hydrogel Eye Patch

Variant: Black Pearl

Target: Anti-Wrinkle

Weight: 90mg (60 sheets or 30 pairs of eye patch)

Product Description and How To Use:



The Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch is full of moisture, the hydrogel patches are soaked with the essence that contains the nutritious ingredients. The patches are soft and silicon-like (hydrogel) and when I apply it under my eyes, I feel like it stretches my skin on the direction of how I applied it. (I recommend that you apply it in a upward direction. 

After application, I noticed that it has a refreshing cool feel to my eyes. The feeling is great and relaxing that I now wanted to use it everyday before bedtime. 

The back of the jar has an indication of the expiration date of the eye patches. 

The jar comes with a spatula that can scoop up essence and the eye hydrogel patches easily. The spatula makes the process more hygienic. 

The jar comes with a cover inside. It has a "Push" sign in the middle. PLEASE do not throw away this cover, it will help your jar to lock in the moisture inside. The "push" part of the cover has a reason. Just press on it and the cover will remove excess air away from the jar. Yay! This way, I am sure that the essence will nor the eye patches will not dry up. 

After my first use, I noticed that my skin and part of my cheekbones brightened and has a slight glow like I just applied a liquid highlighter. My skin felt smooth and supple like the elasticity had just improved. With continued use, I am sure that it will help prevent the formation of wrinkles. Also, the puffiness of my eyes lessened. 

I also compared the moisture level using my MiLi Moisture Detector. The initial reading before use of the eye patches for my right eye is 42.3% while the left is 41.4%. Both results are normal. 

After using the eye patches, I checked the moisture level again. For my right eye, it increased the moisture but not significantly. From 42.3% it became 42.5%, the increase is just 0.2%. The results to my left eye was significant. From the initial result of 41.4%, it increased to 42.7%. The moisture level for my left eye increased by 1.3% and I think this result is great. Either way, it improved the moisture of the skin under my eyes. 

After removal of the eye patches, the hydrogel eye patches feels dry and the skin was able to absorbed all the moisture because it is not sticky nor left with any residual.

It may look like it is expensive with the amount of 899php per jar but if you are going to use it everyday, it will only cost around 30php per day. Not bad, right? The recommended use is twice a week so if you will follow this instead of everyday, the jar will last longer. Basically, it is affordable!

My final word, this jar is worth the splurge!


I did not notice any "immediate" improvement for the dark circles under my eyes BUT remember that this eye patch is designed for anti-wrinkles, not for the dark circles. 

*coughs* Please excuse my pores and my brows that are not groomed yet. *coughs*

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 899php

Where to buy?

Well, I am so happy with the new technology of hydrogel eye patches. I now liked it better than eye creams! Stay posted for more eye patches review here on my blog. Thank you so much Beauties for visiting my site and I hope to chat with all of you again!

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