Flormar: Khol Kajal In Black

Friday, September 1, 2017 Philippines


When I started using makeup, I never understood the use and need for Khol pencils. The thought of intentionally smudging the khol liners to my eyes is too messy for my liking. Maybe because I cannot apply it right. My views changed when I attended Nikki's workshop and learned the TRUE use of Khol pencils. (Thank you so much Nikki!)

I knew that the Khol pencil is designed for smoky eyes look but I never got it right. I am so thankful for the workshop because I  now have an idea on how to use it well. Ever since I learned how to apply it correctly, I got addicted in including it in my makeup almost everyday!

I got this full sized khol pencil from the workshop and this is my first time to encounter the brand, Flormar. I did a little research and discovered that this brand came from Milan, Italy. It is a brand famously being used in Italy for generations that now extended to other countries, including the Philippines. 

Let us go and check out Flormar's Khol Kajal in the shade of Black!

Brand: Flormar

Type: Khol Kajal

Shade: Black

Product Description: 


How To Use: 


This khol eyeliner has a pointed tip (which I really like) that made it easier for me to apply it thinly on my eyes. It gives a precise and sharp application. 

Like a crayon, its formula gives a smooth application. It just glides on well. 

It works better when intended to be smudged over when used as an eyeliner. I did not have a problem in smudging it because it is easy specially with a use of a makeup smudging brush. (I tried smudging it with the use of my fingers, it still smudged effectively.)

The color is highly pigmented and matte that it looks nice when combined with a shimmering eyeshadow. Smoky eyes look? No problem just as long as I have this khol with me!


It is a little expensive but fret not, because it will last long since you only use it for lining. 

Not all the beauty department stores caters this brand but I already saw a branch at SM Aura Beauty Department Store. 


Buy again? 100% (Yes oh yes!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 800+php

Where to buy? So far, I saw a branch at SM Aura but they do not have a stock when I checked their store...I will update this post if I see more of their branches. 

Thank you beauties for reading my review and visiting my site. I hope you will try the use of Khol eyeliners too because they are simply amazing! Stay posted for more review and have a great time ahead!

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