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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 Philippines


Makeups and skincare products are my kryptonites. These are the items that I simply just cannot resist! Instead of my body, this sort of "kryptonites" weakens my wallet. LOL. That is why when I saw that L'Oreal now released their own pure clay masks, I immediately got myself one! (Another damage to my wallet hahaha!)

I love masks whether it is through clay, gel or sheets. There is something about masks that makes me want to use it all the time! There are currently three kinds released by L'Oreal but I chose the Illuminating first for the first type that I wanted to try. (Another variant will be added late this year.)

As advised by people from L'Oreal, I should buy it directly from Lazada because it is on its introductory price. Instead of 499php, they sell it for only 399php with free shipping! (Plus, I also got free sachets of shampoos inside my package! Double yay!)

There are different uses and targets of each mask created in the market but this one from L'Oreal is designed to illuminate the skin. It means that it will exfoliate the skin to reveal a soft and radiant looking skin. 

Will it be able to make my skin soft and radiant? Let us find out!

Brand: L'Oreal

Type: Pure Clay Mask

Variant: Illuminating

Weight: 50g

Product Description: 



I love its jar packaging! It makes the product look expensive and it looks nice on your vanity table when on display. 

The jar has a protective cap to avoid spillage and contamination of the product. I love it when brands do think of this small details. 

Removing clay masks can be devastating but the results that clay masks can do is always worth the shot. I cannot achieve the softness of my skin that I do get from masks compared with exfoliation products and moisturizers. 

I always wanted my skin to look fresh and radiant that is why I chose this variant first for me to try. Was I able to achieve it? Check out my before and after photos below: 

The verdict? Yes! I can see the difference instantly. My skin looked like I had a recent facial done. I don't care if the red spots on my skin were intensified because it was able to lighten up the look of my whole face which is more important for me. I think my few acne just acted up because of the exfoliation process done by the ingredient Lemongrass extract and beads. 

The shine on my skin is not oil instead it is radiant. This is also due to the British Kaolin Clay included in the clay's ingredients. 

My skin feels so smooth and soft, I love touching it to feel its improvement to my skin!

Application is easy and a small amount can cover a lot of area already. It just means that this jar will last long too! Yay! 

For a clay mask, it only requires you to soak your skin for 10 minutes before removing it. Unlike other clay masks that needs at least 20 to 30 minutes before removal. This will save you a lot of time to do other things. I apply it before I go shower at night. It is best used after cleansing the face. I use Maybelline Micellar Water before I apply this. 

The good thing with L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks, I can use all variants together on spots where it is needed. It is very versatile. 

The scent is great and reminded me of usual products used on facials and spas. Smelling it adds to the relaxation while doing your skincare routine. 

Overall, I love it and I cannot wait to try the other variants. I would love to use this everyday but the recommended use is only twice to three times a week. Remember, too much exfoliation is also bad for your skin. 

This jar is affordable for only 499php! It reminded me of Glam Glow's effect to the skin but this is way cheaper!


There is no spatula included but you can just use your own spatula at home or if you are a nurse like me, you can use a tongue depressor. Just make sure not to scrape it directly into your skin. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 499php (Buy it in Lazada while it is still on sale at 399php!)

Where to buy? Lazada

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