Maybelline: Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara in Dark Brown

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Philippines


I have a bushy eyebrows and that is the main reason that I rarely use dark eyebrow products like pencils. I rely on eyebrow powders, pomades and mascaras to tame my thick brows. The sparse areas on my eyebrows is my usual problem specially when I just had a threading done because it is noticeably visible. My solution? I usually fill my eyebrows lightly with powder or pomades but when I am too lazy to do my makeup, I just quickly fix it with eyebrow mascara!

Almost all of the brands in the market have their own version of eyebrow mascaras but this is the first time that I encountered a spoolie that is round and circular just like a ball. This new and unique eyebrow mascara was made by Maybelline New York. 

Maybelline's Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara defines the brows and it colors the strands of hair with a natural finish. It comes in three shades namely Dark Brown, Rust Brown, and Yellow Brown but for today I will be sharing my thoughts for the Dark Brown which I currently use. 

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Eyebrow Mascara

Shade: Dark Brown


Weight: 7.7ml

Product Description: 



The Maybelline Fashion Brow Coloring Mascara works for coloring my eyebrows. Whenever my hair gets dyed, I can use this eyebrow mascara to match my eyebrows. This way, I can avoid exposing my eyebrows to harsh chemicals with dye. Another good thing about this variant is that it is available in three common hair colors. 

The eyebrow mascara features an angle-free ball brush comb that was supposed to help thin eyebrows look fuller and healthier, to create a long-wearing and clump-free eyebrow strands all day. You may get confused on why I prefer using eyebrow mascaras when I have a bushy eyebrows, specially when it was designed for thin eyebrows but let me share my thoughts about it. 

The reason is, I only use it to color my eyebrows to make it match my hair and fill the sparse areas without making my eyebrows look extra thicker and fuller. I can easily control the amount of color and product that I apply with the help of this circular spoolie.

My eyebrows did not form in clumps with this eyebrow mascara. Also, it is not sticky. Yay! 

I love how this eyebrow mascara lasts long! It stays on my eyebrows until I remove it. Amazing! 

The color dark brown matches my skin tone well. It is a color that I recommend for Filipinas. 

It is affordable for only 395php!


Since it has a round and circular spoolie, it is hard to apply on edge, contour, and tips of the eyebrows. I wish Maybelline will use a double-ended spoolie or attach two kinds of spoolies in one product. This way, it will be perfect!


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 395php

Where to buy? Maybelline counters, Lazada

Thank you so much for reading my reviews, beauties! Stay posted for more! Have a great time! 

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