Cathy Doll: AA (Automatic Aura) Matte Powder Cushion In Natural Beige (23)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Philippines


I am sure you all heard about Cushions and its classifications from BB Cushion to CC Cushion. But have you heard about AA Cushion? Yes! There is such thing that means "Automatic Aura"! Its the amazing cushion line by Cathy Doll that has a matte finish for oil control and yet it delivers a brighter skin! I posted about this on my Instagram account when it was launched but I will be sharing my thoughts about it on this blog post for today. 

Let us check it out now! 

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: Cushion

Finish: Matte

Weight: 15g

Shade: Natural Beige (23) [ Also available in Light Beige (21) and Sand Beige (25) ]

Product Description and How To Use: 

9 Benefits That You Can Get From Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion:



I am so glad that Cathy Doll did not use most of the harmful formulas commonly found in cosmetics such as Paraben. 

The AA not only stands for Automatic Aura, it also stands for Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging. It contains a formula that gives a cooling sensation to the skin. 

Even though the shades available are only three, all of it can still be used by all skin types as the cushion can blend well into the skin after fully absorbed.

I love its girly packaging. From the pink cover top to its blue based casing. I find the color combination cute!

The compact case is already complete as it comes with a huge mirror and nice soft sponge that you can just tap to your skin easily. (Oh, the correct way of using a cushion is through tapping motion, okay?)

Upon opening the lid, I can see that the cushion is heavily saturated with the cream. So make sure to dab your sponge lightly and gently. 

Since the cushion is heavily saturated, the product will last long. Yay! 

The coverage of AA Matte Powder Cushion is great from medium to heavy. It was able to even out my skin tone and hide my blemishes. (See before and after photos below.) No need to use additional coverage such as concealers. It was also able to brighten up my skin and I remembered why it was called Automatic Aura. 

I am amazed with its lasting power. It can withstand my long hours at work. Even my overtime shift of 12 hours. I admit that the freshness and coverage decreases with the longer hours but its still enough that I do not felt the need to do a major touch-ups. It can be a little oily by the end of the day but can easily be fixed by powder.

The effect of the cushion is matte but my skin did not looked dry with its little glow. 

There is a distinct fragrance from the cushion that I kept on thinking at first what it was. Its something herbal and then I realized that this cushion was infused with Tea Tree and I remembered trying out a Tea Tree Oil Body Wash once and the scent are similar. 

Tea Tree Oil Extract can help in healing inflammations and treating acne so that is why its also a Anti-Acne product. It once was prescribed to me by a surgeon to use on my healing surgical site. 

The cushion is refillable! Yay! So its environmental-friendly.


I find the cream a little thick and sticky by the end of the day unless I set it and apply powder over it. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1100php

Where to buy? 7-11, Cathy Doll Counters, SM Department Stores. They are almost on all stores nationwide, so just try to look for them! :)

Thank you for reading everyone! Did you think my review was helpful? You can suggest on what cushion brand and type I should review next on the comment section below! Have a good time!

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