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Monday, April 17, 2017 Philippines


Now, Filipinos can do more and be more with whiter and healthier teeth using the all-new Listerine Healthy White

The young generation nowadays are strongly driven by passion. I can see it both on my age group and the younger ones that they can balance between their chosen fields while also pursuing their passion in life and this is a trend especially among millenials. I will not go far because just like me, I work full time as a nurse by day and I still pursue my dream and passion to be a beauty blogger and influencer. 

Do not get me wrong, even though I love balancing this double life, it also takes a toll on my body. The need for caffeine, sweets or wine causes stress on my teeth causing them to stain which makes smiles less bright one cup or glass at a time. Fret not because thanks to the latest addition of Listerine Healthy White I can now flash my best smile and be selfie ready anytime! 

Listerine Healthy White is an innovative concoction made with natural lemon, salt and polyphosphates (helps remove and protect against stains plus restoring the natural whiteness of teeth), making it the perfect solution to get brighter teeth in two weeks the natural way. With its ingredients of lemon and salt, it offers two times more whitening. Its scientifically proven to whiten, clean and strengthen teeth. 

The active ingredients include essential oils to help cleanse the oral activity, killing harmful bacteria that cause plaque, cavities, gum disease and oral problems like bad breath. Now, Filipinos can keep up with their multi-hyphenated lifestyle with a cup of coffee in their hand but still manage to flash their brighter and bolder smile!

Ms. Pat Villasenor, Listerine's Brand Manager, shared that "A smile is a powerful tool that can either make or break one's confidence." She added, "With a beautiful smile, people can look good, feel good, carry themselves well and confidently share their passions with the world. On the other hand, a dull smile can make people seem boring, uninteresting, and less confident, making it more challenging to plunge into the challenge.".

When I see a celebrity on screen, I can't help but stare at their white teeth and feel a little envious. Having a white teeth means having a brighter and more beautiful smile because it makes them confident. There are a lot of products in the market today that offers instant whitening solutions that had spiked my interest but as shared by my fellow doctors, I should not feel envious because its not as healthy as we thought it would be. 

Think again! Do you think super white teeth is healthy? Dr. Steve Mark Gan, one of the best dentists in the Philippines as I would know personally because he made my Grandmother and Mother's dental prosthetic teeth, he explained, "There are commercially available and popular products that contain peroxide, which has effective whitening capabilities. However, extensive use of this can cause tooth sensitivity, gingival irritation, and damage to the teeth. There is a new and revolutionary technology in the realm of oral care and whitening. This innovative uses polyphosphates, which compete with the staining elements for the attachment to the teeth and prevent tartar build up, consequently, brightening the teeth and protecting the teeth from further staining.".

A star and Listerine Smilebrity Amabassador, Ms. Anne Curtis-Smith, shared her own experience, "As someone who is always on-the-go and always under the limelight, whether its for tapings, business endeavors, fitness goals, and whatnot, I really have to be confident and having a brighter and bolder smile is a must-have. In fact, it's a basic necessity! I'm just really thankful because Listerine Healthy White can keep up with my lifestyle. Now, I don't have to worry about enjoying my coffee and wine because I know I can count on the new Listerine Healthy White to take care of keeping my teeth white and healthy. It definitely takes my confidence to the next level.".

Get that much needed confidence boost, flash your best smile even with long overdue passion projects because you can do more with the new Listerine Healthy White! A beautiful, brighter smile can always lead you to be selfie ready anytime! 

I will share my experience with this mouthwash, it also smells and tastes like Mentos! So if you love Mentos as much as I do, you would love this mouthwash too!

Listerine Healthy White is now available in stores nationwide at 115php for 250ml and 224.25php for a 500ml bottle. 

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