Staycation at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Philippines


Last December 2016, I decided to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday and I also invited his family for a staycation at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

The hotel is easy to find because its just along Tagaytay-Calamba Road. I reserved a room prior to checking-in because its during the holidays. Thank goodness that I did because when we arrived there, the hotel was fully booked and we waited past the check-in time because they still have to clean and prepare the rooms. 

While waiting, we had our lunch (which I also did a reservation for the table) at Amacena Restaurant. I recommend that you try Amacena Restaurant because their food is really good! (Read my review by clicking the link.)

The lobby is spacious and its located at the entrance of the hotel. The Amacena Restaurant is also located beside the lobby and reception. 

Their staff are warm and accommodating. They were able to assist me well. Our things were delivered in our rooms with care. 

There are comfortable couches that you could lounge on as you wait for the hotel for checking in or out. The view of the trees from the lobby is amazing and made me feel like I am really at Tagaytay. 

The elevators of the hotel though are quite small and I wish they could improve that because if you are travelling with a large family, you all cannot fit in one elevator ride.

For the rooms, I requested for two deluxe bedrooms and I was able to get a connecting room! I did not expected that. I am so happy that they have connecting rooms. The connecting rooms that I was able to get is one with queen size bed and the other one has two single beds. (Sorry I was not able to get photos while it was freshly prepared.)

There was a small counter with complimentary water and newspaper. There are shelves added on top of the counter that you can place some of your things. 

Below the counter, there was a mini refrigerator that you can store your water or other drinks. There are no food or drinks for sale inside the refrigerator like other hotels so its spacious and you can put a lot of stuff that you brought. 

Both rooms have dressers and cable televisions but the other room (2 single beds) had a bad cable reception that was not fixed by the staff when we called their attention. Apparently, it seems that there is a problem with their line or something like that. However, the other room (queen-size bed) had a nice cable signal and we were able to watch our shows from that room. 

The airconditioner from both rooms are split-type and we were able to control the temperature and the swing of the air with no problems encountered. 

The room with the queen-size bed have a couch. 

While the other room with two single beds does not have any couch. The beds are fluffy and comfortable and I love their warm comforters. 

Both rooms have a small veranda that have a nice view of trees. I think our view was from a subdivision because it have a lot of big and nice houses. During the time that we were there, the wind was strong and cold that we enjoyed the veranda. 

The bathroom have a shower area and the water can be controlled from cold to hot. No problem in showering if you are feeling cold. 

The bathroom have a small set of hygiene essentials such as toothbrush, a small soap and some toothpaste. 

The bathrooms are small but its okay. I was not expecting a grand and spacious bathroom. The only problem is that I noticed that the other bathroom (from the queen-size bed room) was not that clean. It looks physically clean but the smell is off. It still smelled like some urine was not flushed or cleaned from the floor. We just sprayed some perfume and washed the floor, it lessened but you can still smell a little. Since we have two connecting rooms, we just decided to use the other bathroom. 

Other than the few problems pointed out, we had a relaxing stay. The place is quiet and away from the city that I was able to get a good night sleep. 

Before we retired for the night though, I surprised my boyfriend again (my last gift for his birthday) with a full body massage for us in a couple's room at the O Spa

The next day, we were supposed to go swimming on their Infinity Pool but the weather is cold and the air is chilly so we all backed out. LOL. The view is nice though. I would love to go back during the summer and swim here. For kids, there was a small kiddie pool beside the Infiinity Pool. 

The overnight stay comes with a buffet breakfast also cooked by Amacena Restaurant. According to the staff, the buffet breakfast is usually inside the Amacena Restaurant but since the hotel was fully booked, they had it set up and situated in one of their function rooms. 

The breakfast was fine with me. I enjoyed trying out different food. Most of the cooked food are Filipino dishes. The dishes were served and divided according to stations. 

For other amenities, they also have a gym located at 3rd floor. Outside the hotel, there is a bank and 7-Eleven store. 

The room rate during our stay per bedroom of a Deluxe Room is around 3500php per night and it comes with a free buffet breakfast for two. 

I would like to go back specially for the Amacena Restaurant. 

To know more about One Tagaytay, just check their website here

Thank you for reading everyone! 

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