My Wishlist for 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Philippines


Its already the end of February and I realized that this year I did not post my wishlist for the year. Last 2014, I posted my wishlist and I almost completed the list except for the Airbrush Kit. (Back read my 2014 Wishlist here.)

I was able to get all of the Naked Palettes last January thanks to my sister. The camera of Nikon is not mine but I was able to borrow it from my boyfriend...a lot of times. LOL. Next, my boyfriend got me the phototent within the year 2014, I think. I still use it today. For the mirror with bulbs, I was able to purchase mine. I almost completed it in the span of 3 years and one month. Not bad, right? Posting a wishlist gets things into perspective. 

For my birthday in 2015, I posted another birthday wishlist because of the blog writing challenge that I was not able to finish. (Backread here.) I only got one wish granted from that and I got it as a gift from my boyfriend...the Pandora bracelet. 

So, this time, I will post my new wishlist. I plan to save up to achieve this list. In fact, I already have two coin banks at home to fill up. LOL. 

1. Vlogging Camera

I know that I can borrow and use my boyfriend's camera but I want one that is really mine. I feel bad whenever I use his. Also, I wanted something smaller that I could use and take videos with. I am being urged to start posting vlogs and I think I might start one if I am equipped with a camera that has a lens that I can easily see myself like Sony, Canon or Fuji Film. 

2. Apple Laptop

I love using Windows but I hate that Windows Media Maker is very limited in editing videos. With Apple, I can make editing videos easier and satisfying. 

3. More Rest Days or a Vacation Leave

I am feeling depressed, burned out with my current job and I think I need a good break. Not quitting, just time to relax and catch a break. I just want to take time to reflect, rest and travel maybe for a week or two within the Philippines or outside. I just wish I have a budget for that! Even just a stay-cation in a nice and quite hotel with good food!

4. Ring Light

For improved photos in my blog, I wish I have a ring light soon. 

5. New Phone

I love my phone, I paid it with my hard-earned salary but its not keeping up with the quality of photos and applications. Its been years since I had it too, I just wanted an upgrade. I am always active in my social media accounts. I needed an upgraded one specially something that has a good camera. 

For this year, what's your wish? 

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