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Saturday, November 26, 2016 Philippines


I cannot stop gushing about the NARS blush in Super Orgasm and finally, I was able to purchase the Orgasm shade! Both Rochelle ( and I bought it at Rustan's in Shangri-La, Mandaluyong. Its like twinning but instead of clothes, we got blushes. 

The box is simple and yet I know that it holds one of the best blushes ever released in our time.

Shall we get on to the review? Okay! :)

Brand: NARS

Shade: Orgasm

Product Description: Peachy Pink With Golden Shimmer

Edition: Permanent

Weight: 4.8g



The blush was cushioned and protected by a soft cardboard inside. I still keep the blush inside this soft cardboard and as well as inside the box to keep it safe. 

The compact blush has a plastic covering to protect the blush as well as to keep the dust particles inside. 

I love that the blush has a mirror inside. I can use the mirror when I travel. 

The blush is shimmery but not as shimmery as Super Orgasm. The color is sheer so I need to apply several layers before it can be really appreciated. Even with several layers, it still feels light on my skin. 

This shade looks more natural on my cheeks compared to Super Orgasm but I still love both shades because I look like I have a natural blush instead of makeup, specially since the shade is peach in color. Note: A peach based colors suits warm undertone.)

I like its glowing look. I feel like I am blooming whenever I use this because of the natural blush and glow.

The texture is smooth and when applied on my skin, it lasts for 5 to 6 hours with slight fading. 


The packaging of the blush is like a magnet to dust or dirt. Also, avoid storing it to warm environment because it can get sticky. 


See how sheer it is? Even with my swatch its barely noticeable.

Buy again? 100% (Definitely!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1650php

Where to buy? NARS at Rustan's Beauty Department Store. 

For my next post, I will be sharing the swatches between NARS Super Orgasm and Orgasm so check it out beauties! Have a great time everyone!

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