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Sunday, November 20, 2016 Philippines


When I saw the teaser from Happy Skin about their newest collection - Disney Princess lipsticks, I knew I need to have it. I am a Disney Lover ever since I was little and until today I watch their fairy tale movies. Imagine my excitement that I can now have a makeup inspired by my favorite Disney Princesses! I wish they will have a Disney Villains inspired makeup soon too for a much darker shades. I am sure it will click just like the Disney Princesses.

I want to have it all of the sets but of course I had to stay within my budget. I chose to buy my first choice Belle - just because she is my most favorite Disney Princess. Then I also got the liquid lipsticks because I love the shades. 

In this post, I want to share my reviews, swatches and thoughts about it. So let me start with the set of Belle x Rapunzel. 


The box is cute and I feel like a Princess when I opened it. It has inscriptions of "Dream big. Show your true Princess colors!" inside and I can't help but smile. 

The Rapunzel lipstick's casing is violet while Belle is yellow which reminds me of her ballgown worn when she and Beast danced. Each lipstick weighs 2.7g. The set costs 1099php but if bought individually, it costs 599php. Yes, you will save more if you buy it in set. 

Product Description, How To Use and Ingredients:

The shades of Belle and Rapunzel looks almost the same but different. The Rapunzel lipstick is lighter than Belle and it looks pinkish brown when worn. 


This set is the only moisturizing lipsticks that they released. Most of the Disney collection are matte lipsticks. It is supposed to be a lip balm but has a pigment of a lipstick. Nice, right? 

The Rapunzel lipstick is a mauve lipstick but it has a touch of pink. Still, it looks flattering when worn. 

It does not bleed or feather out of the lips and I love that it does not settle on lip lines and dry patches of my lips. The texture is smooth and easy to glide on lips. 

The lasting time is about 3 to 4 hours. It is not transfer free and it does not leave stain on my lips. 

Look how great the color of Rapunzel, it looks like my natural lips but better! 


The Belle Lipstick shade reminds me of Belle's rich brown hair. This shade is brown and has a touch of pink to it but not as pink as Rapunzel. Belle looks similar but darker than Rapunzel. This lipstick is also perfect for everyday look. 

My verdict is the same with Rapunzel,that it does not bleed or feather out of the lips and it does not settle on lip lines and dry patches of my lips. The texture is smooth and easy to glide on lips. 

The lasting time is about 3 to 4 hours. It is not transfer free and it does not leave stain on my lips. 

See the difference of both lipsticks on my swatch: 

Now let us check out the liquid lipsticks that they released in their Disney Princess Collection. This liquid lipstick set is matte. 


The first time that I saw the swatches of Cinderella and Ariel, I fell in love. Its the perfect nude and red lipstick that is flattering and wearable everyday. 

The inscription on this box is "Courageous and contagious. Show your true Princess colors!". 

Product Description, How To Use and Ingredients:

The packaging is different from Happy Skin's Liquid Lipstick. This casing is smaller but wider. I love its gold cap. It makes it more pristine. This set costs 1,299php but when bought separately, it costs 699php each. Yup, you will still save more if you are buying as a set.


The Cinderella reminded me of Happy Skin's Beauty In Bloom Collection in The Morning After shade. It looks similar but the difference is this one is matte. (Review of The Morning After link here.) The shade of Cinderella is mauve pink. 

For a matte lipstick, it does not build up on lip lines. However, it settle on the dry patches of my lips. Make sure that you exfoliate your lips before you use this lipstick. 

I wish that it has the wand like the Beauty In Bloom Collection because it can do precise application compared to the lip wand of this liquid lipstick. 

It does not bleed out of lips but it is not transfer free. Some of the lipstick color is retained after eating but a little touch up is needed. 

The lasting power is about 5 to 6 hours without eating (eating heavily needs a retouch).


I love the shade of this red. It really got Ariel's red lips. I think this is the best lipstick that they released in this collection. From all the swatches of Disney Lipsticks, this shade really caught my eyes. 

The color is coral. Its light red with a touch of pink and brown. 

This shade is not transfer free and it also bleeds out a little outside my lip line. After eating or drinking, it retains most of the lipstick, a little touch up is enough.

The amazing thing with this lipstick is its lasting power, without eating, this one lasts for 6 to 8 hours. 

Also, it leaves uneven stain on lips after removal. That is why a retouch is needed. Its drying to lips so make sure to moisturize well after use. It also settles on some dry patches of my lips but amazingly, it does not build on lip lines. Yay! 

Its a little tricky to apply with its lip wand, just have a standby of cotton buds for clean-ups. 

This is my favorite shade and I love it! It really flatters my complexion. (I am warm undertone and MAC 15-20 user.)

Look at the gorgeous shades! 

Just to summarize...

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5 to all!

Price: 1099php for Belle and Rapunzel; 1299php for Cinderella and Ariel

Where to buy? Happy Skin online or their stores. 

I am still contemplating whether I should get the remaining two sets. What do you think? If you want me to review the remaining two sets, just comment on my blog post and I will review it for you. :)

Thank you for reading and have a good day Princesses and Prince! 

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