Cathy Doll Just Released Their AA Cushion and Creams!

Thursday, November 24, 2016 Philippines


Hello Beauties! I have something new to share and its another great products by Cathy Doll! I luckily got an invite to attend the launch of Cathy Doll's new babies and its also an intimate get together with my fellow beauty bloggers that was held at Italliani's, Shangri-la last November 24, 2016. 

Cathy Doll just released their "Automatic Aura" line of products that is offered in Creams and Cushions. Just the word "Aura" makes me want to use it. Right? It sounds like something that I wanted to use on my face and feel like a shining star. 

The event was hosted by my all-time favorite Blogger, Ms. Nikki Tiu of She is one of the beauty bloggers that inspired me to pursue my blog and be active in writing. In short, I am her fan! I first discovered her blog from Sample Room and its also through Sample Room that I managed to meet her for the first time. Until today, I follow and read her blogs! Go for it Ms. Nikki, keep on inspiring us! :)

Cushions and Creams are so in right now specially in Asia. I am a fan of cushions (they are just amazing) and I am so happy to get another one to try and review! 

To give your a quick preview, the Cushion has three shades while the Cream has two. Both can be easily blended and absorbed by the skin. 

The AA Cushion has an SPF protection of 50. It has a cooling sensation when applied on skin and it has the benefits of instant Aura, Anti-Acne and Anti-aging. It is available in Light Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige. I am sorry, my file for the three swatches of the cushions got corrupted so I cannot share it on my blog. I will try to swatch it again from the stores and edit this blog post so I can still share it. (Ms. Kaycee of posted the swatches of cushions on her Instagram account just in case you already want to see it now.)

The AA Cream is available in Natural Beige and Light Beige. The AA Cream is a liquid foundation that feels light on my skin. I tried it on and its easy to blend and was quickly absorbed by my skin. My shade is Natural Beige but I can also use the Light Beige if I want to look a little whiter because it also blends with my skin tone. I just prefer using foundations that looks natural as my skin tone.

The cream has a sun protection of SPF45 and its higher than usual foundation creams. Using the AA Cream will give an instant Aura and it also has an anti-acne and anti-aging effect that we all so secretly wanted. 

I will post a separate detailed review for this but for now, check out the swatches of the AA Creams:

A demo was done by a Cathy Doll Team Member during the event wherein half of her face had the cushion used while the other half has the cream applied. Cathy Doll suggested that we use the Cathy Doll Milky White Cream first before applying the AA cream or cushion because it can help in enhancing the glow of the skin. 

Watch the demo and the event on my short video below: 

I am also grateful that I was able to meet the team of Lifestrong Essentials specially Ms. Marge Lee during the event. 

I had so much fun and I am so happy to bond with my fellow beauty bloggers. I am excited to share my detailed reviews so wait for it, okay? 

The AA Cushion and Creams are now available at Zalora and Cathy Doll Booths. The AA Cream costs 750php while the AA Cushion costs 1100php. 

Congratulations Lifestrong Essentials, Cathy Doll and Ms. Nikki Tiu for the successful event!  

Again, wait for my reviews everyone and have a great day! 

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