Why Glutathione Is Essential To Our Body

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Philippines


Glutathione is famous to be used for aesthetic purposes. In fact, it is the reason why it is such a hit in the market today. This medicine is readily available in the Philippines and it can be taken as oral capsules or even straight into your veins through intravenous injections.  

I work as a nurse and I can see it being used personally by fellow health care providers and even our patient's relatives. The big question is, why do they use it? 100% of the answers that I get is for the purpose of aesthetic effects alone to make their skin brighter and whiter. 

There are others though that does not want to try taking it because they fear the side effects and adverse reactions that they may get. The common myth of effects are abdominal discomfort like gastrointestinal pains and skin allergies. 

Is it really what the Glutathione's purpose? Just for a person's vanity? 

It was a good thing that I was invited to attend a forum about Glutathione. I was enlightened to its health benefits besides making our skin beautiful. VIDA NUTRISCIENCE and Japan's KOHJIN LIFE SCIENCES (A Group of Mitsubishi Corporation) teamed up for the Glutathione open forum at Hotel Jen in Roxas Boulevard last August 17, 2016. The forum was organized to educate us and to prevent the common misconceptions about the medicine. 

To help us understand the health benefits of Glutathione, Mr. Yusuke Sauchi and Ms. Hitomi Ito discussed the basic points we need to be aware of regarding Glutathione. 

Ms. Hitomi Ito, a part of Global Sales and Marketing Division for KOHJIN Life Sciences (The Japan's leading food and wellness supplement manufacturer.) has Masters Degree in background of molecular cell biology. She discussed about the basic molecular component of Glutathione. Glutathione (GSH) is a tri-peptide of Glutamic Acid, Cysteine and Glycine. She shared that the lack of Glutathione in our body promotes aging and diseases.

For its health benefits, it can aid our body because it is a good antioxidant, immune booster and detoxifier. With its detoxifying function, it helps us maintain a healthy liver and protect us from harmful toxins and heavy metals from what we consume. In terms of beauty, it inhibits melanin that protects as from UV damage and acts as an antioxidant through neutralization of free radicals and it boosts the effects of other antioxidants like Vitamin C. 

Not only that, Ms. Ito also shared that taking Glutathione has an anti-fatigue effect and it can also enhance lipid metabolism through the acceleration of fatty acid utilization with its effect on Mitochondrial DNA in our skeletal muscle. 

Dr. Aoi, is a Doctor from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and he was acclaimed as the New Investigator Awardee at the American College of Sports and Medicine in the United States. He wrote ten books that were internationally published. We were honored to hear him discuss a few things about taking Glutathione as well. He re-iterated that Glutathione is good for the body with its scientific facts. 

I now understand that Glutathione is essential to our body in many ways. I am now confidently ready to take it everyday. I am excited to try this Snow Caps because it is made by KOHJIN and Japan made supplements are safe and effective. (I will be sharing my review for it so stay tuned!)

The recommendation of use is at least one capsule a day with or without meals. It is suggested to take it during mornings because it is when our body's oxidative stress level is at highest. 

Join us and be an advocate because I am in with Vida Nurtiscience and Kohjin Life Sciences for their campaign in enlightening people (Like they did to me.) about the true benefits of Glutathione in our body to maximize our potential. 

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