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Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Philippines


Shiseido is one of my favorites in terms of skin care but in reality, I cannot always afford it. (Darn! Low salary for us nurses, why did the previous President Aquino did not sign our salary increase...why oh why?!) 

I consider it a luxurious type of brand for skin care though it never failed me yet. Amazing products!

Then one day, I saw a full size sample at Sample Room! Of course, who am I to pass browsing without getting a sample for myself, right? This is an opportunity to try a new product by Shiseido! (Squealing here!)

Anyway, the facial mask that I am used to is with the use of a mask that I apply and remove on my face, however this version of sleeping mask seems different. This sleeping mask is designed to be left on our skin overnight.

From what I was told by a friend who is also using this, the Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Mask does a miracle by just one night of use. Her choice of words exactly is, "You apply this mask at night even if you lack sleep you will wake up like you slept in a long time". Its sparks the curiosity in me that I want to yest it right away. 

Just looking at the box makes me want to preserve it and not use it as well as its luxurious glass jar that I want to keep forever in my vanity area. Crazy, right? Let us now get into the details.

Brand: Shiseido

Line: Ibuki

Type: Sleeping Mask

Weight: 80ml

Product Description: 


Upon opening, the jar is still sealed with a plastic. It came with a plastic spatula for a more hygienic practice of usage. 

How and When Do I Use It:

I do my usual skin care routine, cleanse, tone, moisturize. Then I add this sleeping mask by the end of my routine. It is the last thing that I apply. I leave it on my face and neck for the whole night until I wake up the next day and wash my face again. 


It is known as an overnight beauty secret and by using it, I learned why. The sleeping mask was able to correct the haggard look of my skin as well as balancing the production of oil on my T-zone area. 

The gel contains high amount of Vitamin C and you can see it as the yellow beads on your gel. At first, I thought that applying the gel would be rough on my skin because of the beads but it was quickly melted and absorbed by my skin upon application. 

Vitamin C is known to reduce the appearance of dark spots and it gives the skin a boost to look radiant even if with little sleep. The gel also contains phytoplankton extract that makes skin supple and look younger. 

I used it overnight on top of my usual skin care routine, the gel is easy to spread and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. No greasiness noted. Upon application, there is no difference when I looked at it initially and I decided to sleep. 

I only slept 4 hours before going to work again. My skin looked a little oily but it is not greasy when I touched it. After washing my face with a cleanser, that is when I saw the difference. My skin does not look as tired as it was the night before. It looked healthier and naturally radiant. The skin feels supple and smooth upon touch. Even my pores looked smaller. I love it! Imagine if I continue using it specially everyday, it can do more wonders.

The dark circles under my eyes remained the same though the eye bags looked smaller. Some skin impurities like redness and bumps were gone. 

Plus, this one has a very nice floral like scent that makes you feel relaxed while using it. Its a bonus to make you feel ready before going to sleep. 

I now believe that it is an overnight miracle too!


Aside from its price, I find no other problems. Just a note though, I consider it luxurious for my part because I do not earn much on my salary, but I will save up for it and I will buy it again and again because it is really worth it. For now though, to make my jar last longer, I will only use it when I needed a boost for my skin. 


The glow on my before photo is actually oil on my T-Zone compared to the glow of my whole skin on my after photo.

Buy again? 100% (Yes yes yes!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1850php

Where to buy? Shiseido Stores.

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