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Friday, June 3, 2016 Philippines


Makeup Forever eye pencils took a notch higher when they collaborated with Charli XCX for the worldwide launch of Aqua XL Eye Pencil. Charli XCX with the hit song of "Boom Clap" is known to be bold and artistic and this year, with the collaboration to Makeup Forever, all of her performances and tours as well as her video clips will be joined by Makeup Forever. 

The new Aqua XL Eye Pencils has improved its performance to a whole new level. Makeup Forever upgraded their eye pencils into a water-proof, smudge-proof and long lasting results that is perfect for stage performances. I can sing and dance like Charli XCX without worrying for a raccoon eyes. 

Last May 31, 2016, Makeup Forever formally launched the new Aqua XL Eyeliners in the Philippines and the event was held at Fully Booked, BGC. I was invited to the event by my good friend, Ms. Carmel Villongco. She is the reason why I became inspired to blog and to continue to strive to be better. 

Upon registration, there is a freedom wall wherein I can write my answer to the question, what makes your life colorful? Did you find the question easy or hard? 

Well for me, its not that hard to answer. I am happily surrounded by my family and friends and that is enough to make my life colorful. 

The place is surrounded by lights, colors and buzzing upbeat music. The set-up is like a picnic in a park. 

There are booths that you can have your hair braided or have a customized flower crown. 

On the other booth, you can have a face or body tattoo done with the use of Makeup Forever makeups and their new Aqua XL Eyeliners. 

The food and drinks are overflowing and everything are my favorite snacks like crepes!

Jamaican Patties Food cart is also available and my greatest temptation...Potato Corner!

Of course my favorite Sour and Cream deserves a selfie...LOL! If you wanted to know one of my weakness, its Potato Corner Sour and Cream French Fries! Just a trivia for myself, did you know that I can finish a tub of Giga Fries on my own> Yes I can do that and no wonder I do not lose weight LOL! :)

Ice cream and cotton candy booth are also available...the kid in me rejoices! 

As the product launch started, Ms. Lyra Prieto of Makeup Forever Philippines welcomed the guests and she shared how great the new innovation of Aqua XL Eyeliners in terms of its amazing intense shades, long lasting power and that it is exceptionally water-proof and smudge-proof. 

Next on the floor is Mr. Lei Ponce, Makeup Forever Affiliate Artist. He was wearing the new Aqua XL Eyeliners on his face and the design is inspired by the Avatar character. He also did makeup on the Adlib Dancers using the new Aqua XL Eyeliners to show that these eyeliners are best for stage, theatrical performances. 

To finish off the launch, the Adlib Dance Group showed off their sweat-proof makeup and dance moves. 

The DJ also did a great music mixing so that the party continues after the launch! I definitely enjoyed the party! 

Here's a short video of the event that I managed to edit. I am just starting to learn to use videos on my events and reviews and I am so new at this so bear with my limited editing skills. :)

As my routine, my event blog entry will not be complete without sharing photos with my friends and fellow bloggers!

With Ms. Carmel Villongco

Left to Right: Ms Joyce Sola, Ms. Shebby Liquete and Ms. Lindsay Tioco

From Left to Right: Ms. Nicole Romero and Ms. Nikki Tiu

As quoted by the artist Ms. Charli XCX, “I love the creative energy of MAKE UP FOR EVER. They create products that allow me to experiment and be free. When I wear makeup I can feel sexy, demure, classic, futuristic… so many different things. MAKE UP FOR EVER is vibrant, energetic and diverse. I can play with the products to suit my mood. That’s what I love the most.” and I agree, I had a good time and I love all the colors of the new Makeup Forever Aqua XL. 

I took time in the booth of choosing my free Aqua XL Pencil because I can't choose, I want all the colors! I hope I did not look weird at that time because I swatched all the shades on my arms because in my excitement I wanted to share with you all the shades that Aqua XL has to offer!

Did you find your preferred shade? My top picks are M-10, M-16, M-40, M-60 and M-26. There are 20 colors available from the Aqua XL Collection and I got the M-10 for myself. The new eyeliners will be available in the market soon and costs 1250php each. 

Thank you so much Carmel for tagging me along and Makeup Forever for the best launch party! Stay tuned for my reviews of Makeup Forever makeups and keep in touch! 

To know more about Makeup Forever, follow them on their social media accounts at: 

Instagram: @makeupforeverphilippines

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