Fashion 21: Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Friday, June 10, 2016 Philippines


Hello! I am back everyone, sorry for the delayed posting of product reviews but I took some time off to focus on my family and work, as well as attending some events. I lack sleep and instead of posting some product reviews, I decided to sleep more. Now, I am back with more free time and I will catch up on my blog posts! Yay!

Back to my review, this is my first time to use a Brown Liquid Eyeliner and its from Fashion 21. Brown is more natural looking for the eyes compared to Black. Its interesting, right? Join me as I check this one out. 

Brand: Fashion 21

Type: Liquid Eyeliner

Product Description: Water Resistant

Weight: 9ml

Shade: Brown



I preferred liquid eyeliners because it is easy to control because of its fine tips. It works like a pen and it creates a sharp and defined look. 

This eyeliner is water proof and smudge-proof. I can use it all day without worries. I needed to use a makeup remover to remove the eyeliner from my eyes by the end of the day. 

Others may find it hard to control a long wand but do not worry because you can learn to use it after a few tries. 

Use the advantage of its fine straight tip to create the winged look of your eyeliner. 

The color is brown but it has a gold-like hue upon application. It darkens as it dries. The eyeliner brings out my eyes naturally. 

The eyeliner dries quickly upon application.

The Fashion 21 is readily available and affordable. 


Since the eyeliner dries quickly, you have to work fast. It tugs lightly on my lids if I have to add lining or coloring to a dried part of the eyeliner. 

I noticed that after at least 6 to 8 hours, it cracks and crusts a little but it can easily be remedied through re-touching. 


It is funny because while I was doing this video, someone is making me laugh. You know how it is already hard applying eyeliner then add someone who is making it more difficult for you. Literally, I wanted to hit him with my eyeliner. LOL. Anyway, this is my video of me using the Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Brown. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 135php

Where to buy? Any Fashion 21 Counters. 

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