Priva: 2-in-1 Skin Lightening and Firming

Friday, May 27, 2016 Philippines


Part of being a woman is to maintain ourselves happy and healthy. Having a stressful job, being a mother or a breadwinner should not be an excuse for not taking care of yourself. Remember, the best gift that we could give to ourselves is pampering. 

I usually pamper myself with facials, massages (besides shopping...LOL) and strict skin care regimens. Not only that, I want to make sure that I am clean and fresh everyday. 

Thanks to Ms. Toni Gonzaga-Soriano for giving me the new Priva 2-in-1 Skin Lightening and Firming because I can now level up my intimate moments. Through its special formulation, women can now enjoy wearing swimsuits with confidence because Priva is formulated with skin lightening and firming ingredients. (Post of the package I received from Ms. Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, link here.)

Let me share with you this amazing new gentle feminine wash!

Brand: Priva

Type: 2-in-1 Skin Lightening and Firming

Weight: 150ml (Also available in 60ml)

Product Description: 

How To Use:


Priva is OB-Gynecologists tested and proven safe and effective for everyday use. I use this everyday together with the other variants of Priva and I never experienced any altered reactions. 

Not only do I get cleansed but there are added benefits that I could get from using this feminine wash, with its ingredients, it can also provide skin whitening, firming and smoothing on my intimate area with continued use. Using a feminine wash with Glutathione and Collagen gives a boost on my confidence. 

I also enjoy the cooling effect of the wash through its innovative technology of adding RevitaCool. The experience is refreshing. 

The expiration date is located at the bottom of the bottle for easier tracking. 

Cons: None noted.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 150ml - 149php (60ml - 69php)

Where to buy? Its now available in all leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. 

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